How to Kill Weeds in a Gravel Without Using Chemicals

Gravel is popular driveway material. It will not crack or crumble, and it will not end up pitted like concrete. It is also the least expensive option next to dirt. However, it requires a little care. Weeds can come up in a gravel driveway, and they are nearly impossible to pull. Most people kill them with chemicals, but caustic products are not required to get rid of unwanted growth. When I had a gravel driveway, I always used natural ways to kill the weeds. They worked without posing a threat to the environment, my kids, my pets or the wildlife that visited my property.

Kill Weeds in Gravel with White Vinegar

More often than not, I used ordinary white vinegar to kill weeds in my gravel driveway. White vinegar is cheap, and it is much safer to use in a gravel driveway than chemical weed killers. I filled a pump sprayer designed to hold chemicals with a gallon of undiluted white vinegar, and I thoroughly sprayed the unwanted foliage during the hottest part of the day. The direct sunlight helped burn and destroy the stems and leaves. The acidic vinegar worked exceptionally well to kill the plants. It took a little longer to kill weeds with white vinegar, but in three to five days they were turning white and breaking down.

Use Table Salt to Kill Foliage in Gravel

I used table salt to kill more difficult weeds instead of using chemicals. Foliage with large stems were harder to kill than crabgrass and spurge that typically grow in a gravel driveway. I cut down larger weeds using pruning sheers, and I poured a generous amount of salt on the stems. The salt burned the stems and eventually killed the plants that had taken hold in the gravel. I did not have to dig them out. They withered away without using chemicals.

Kill Weeds in Gravel with Boiling Water

Boiling water will also kill weeds without the use of chemicals. Boil water in a tea kettle or saucepan, and carefully pour it over the unwanted growth. It begins to wither up immediately. The boiling water damages the cell structure of the weeds. I used boiling water when I wanted immediate results. It knocked the weeds down within seconds, and they were dead in just a few days, especially when I followed up with salt or white vinegar. Chemicals were never on the shelves in my garden shed, and my gravel driveway remained free from weeds and other unwanted growth.

Source: Personal Green Living Experience

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