Best Ways to Add Value to Your Home

Whether you are getting ready to sell your house or just need to raise the value for a better appraisal and your own enjoyment, there are some projects that will pay off in the long run more than others. One decision, regardless of the project, will be whether to hire someone for the work or to try it yourself. Some projects are easier than others and you need to have an honest assessment of your skills. Research the requirements for a home improvement project thoroughly through reading and asking around at a home improvement center will go a long way to making the right decision. When calculating the cost of a do-it-yourself task, allow for extra materials and fixing things you may need to do over (the usual amount to add is 10%).

You’ve heard the phrase “kitchens and bathrooms sell houses.” The same holds true for the value of the house and the perception of value by a future buyer. If your kitchen or bathroom is 20 years old, it’s most likely out-of-date and needs at least some changes. In the kitchen, appliances are an easy project to change, and you can use them until selling the property. Energy-saving appliances are becoming the norm and if stainless steel is important, there are more than one grade, so you don’t have to spend premium prices to have that upgraded look. Refacing or Refinishing cabinets is another worthwhile expense. A majority of cabinets are sturdy and well-made. By painted them, changing the doors or even just the hardware can give the cabinets a whole new appearance. Researching how to redo the cabinets is essential because you can mess them up can cause your work for yourself or a professional as a result. New counter tops are a nice feature, but it doesn’t take granite or something expense to make a difference. New tile and other materials can fit into your kitchen better and for a less expensive price tag.

Tile floors are a good project to take on for a person with good mechanically skills. The materials and tools aren’t that expensive and you can correct errors far easier than other home improvement projects. Tile floors are considered a major upgrade from linoleum floors because they are so durable and far more attractive. A whole kitchen area, with tools, could be done for only a few hundred dollars, where a professional would charge probably three times that amount. If you only have one bathroom, it’s essential to make it as nice as possible. Tile floors, a nice sink counter top and faucet are good, moderately-priced improvements to make.

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