Glade Plugs Ins Scented Oils Versus Bath and Body Works Wallflowers

Air fresheners in the home like Glade Plug Ins, have become mainstream in today’s society. Whether you want to cover up pet odor, a musty “older home” smell or simply warm up a space, there are a myriad of options on the market. I do believe that I personally have tried almost all of them on my quest to find the best one! Devices that plug into the wall, like Glade Plug Ins or Bath and Body Works Wallflowers have become extremely popular. Wall plug units seem to work better than those old stick on air fresheners that were more common 20 years ago. There are two types of plug in air fresheners that seem to be leading the market: the Glade Plug Ins Scented Oil Warmers and the Bath and Body Works Wallflower. Both of these products have pros and cons, which I will discuss to help you make an informed decision about which to buy.

Glade Plug Ins Scented Oil Warmers


Glade Plug Ins Scented Oil Warmers are definitely affordable. You can buy an actual wall plug unit for about $3-4, which typically includes at least 1 or 2 of the scented inserts. Once you have the wall unit you can simply buy the refill packs, which for another $5 will get you 2 or more of the scented inserts. Glade usually has sales on their Plug Ins so you may be lucky to get 2 for 1 or even an extra one in your refill pack. Because these Plug Ins are so affordable you can easily get one per room in your home.

You may actually want to buy one Glade Plug Ins Scented Oil Warmer per room. When you plug in your Scented Oil Warmer, there is a control on the front of the unit that determines how much fragrance it will emit. If you set it to “1” it will only emit a small amount of fragrance vs. setting it to “5” which will emit quite a bit of fragrance. Setting it to “1” will allow the unit to last longer. However, Glade does recommend using the “5” setting for rooms larger than 10 x 10. I use a vanilla scented Glade Plug In Oil Warmer in my basement. I have found that since it is so inexpensive it works best for a large area in which I just want to cover up a musty smell. Since I only go to my basement to do my laundry, it’s not a high priority area for me to spend lots of money to get it to smell nice. When we finish our basement though, I’ll definitely be putting in a Bath and Body Works Wallflower (read cons of the Glade Plug Ins to find out why).


Glade Plug Ins Scented Oil units are not exactly beautiful pieces of art. They are very boxy looking with small designs pressed into the plastic in an attempt to make them look as thought they are a cute addition to your living room. And the plastic really does look cheap, which is exactly what it is.

Glade Plug Ins Scented Oil may be cheap but they also smell cheap in comparison with Bath and Body Works Wallflowers. My delicate sense of smell likens the scent of Glade Plugs Ins Scented Oil to public bathroom stalls. I have seen many public restrooms use Glad Plugs Ins (especially the Scented Oil kind due to the strength of the scent), which tends to create unpleasant associations in my mind. The only scent that I have found that doesn’t remind me of a public restroom is Glade’s Vanilla Scented Oil. The other scents are simply too sweet or way too strong even on the lightest setting. Now this might be just personal preference but I think I feel this way because I came upon the Bath and Body Works Wallflowers scents just last fall.

Bath and Body Works Wallflowers


Bath and Body Works already has a reputation for their sweet scented body washes, make up and body lotions. When they started to make air fresheners I thought it would be wise to check it out. Not only do they make wallflowers in customer favorite body lotion scents, but they have expanded their line to include scents of the candles produced by The White Barn Candle Company. So if your nose prefers sweet scents like Coconut Lime Verbana, those are available to you. If your nose prefers spicy scents like Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin or Kitchen Spice you will find something you like. The large amounts of different types of Wallflowers at Bath and Body works are quite amazing actually.

You might be thinking that you can find a variety of different scents with Glade Plug Ins, and I would agree that you can. However the quality is just not there. Bath and Body Works Wallflowers scents are rich and hearty, not cheap like a gas station bathroom. Honestly some of the smells just seem good enough to eat.

The Wallflower unit is also very attractive. It is a simple plug in device with a frosted glass bulb attached. The liquid inside is usually a bright or clear color which can actually add an element of décor to a room.

I have one wallflower on each floor of my home and that is all I need. While I cannot vary the level of scent it gives out, it wafts gently into each room of my home just by having it in a central location on the floor. I simply do not need one in each room of my home.


As you might guess, the rich smells of the Wallflower come with a price. The cost of a Bath and Body Works Wallflower warming unit with 1 refill is approximately $12. For two refill bulbs it costs $12. This is almost 3 times the cost of a Glade Plug Ins Scented Oil kit. Ouch!

However, there is good news that will redeem the Wallflower unit. Bath and Body works has sales on these items all the time. I regularly wait to buy my wallflowers until I can get them 2 for $10 or at $5 a piece. And it’s during those times that I stock up on my Wallflowers to be sure I will have enough until the next time they are on sale. You can find out about these sales by signing up for their newsletter at

Which is Better?

I guess you will have to decide for yourself based on the pros and cons of each. While Glade Plug Ins Scented Oils are cheaper, Bath and Body Works Wallflowers are superior when it comes to variety and quality of the scent. You just need to decide which one your nose will prefer.

My personal take on it, is that if you have a room that you occupy often use a Bath and Body Works Wallflower. It will give you peace of mind to be able to watch television without feeling like you are stuck in a dirty gas station restroom.

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