You Have the Right to Remain Ignorant

You have the right to remain ignorant
You rich of the fleet.
You want to see someone bowing
Humbly at your feet.
You say you care about smog
And what the little ones will have to breathe
After you are gone. That joke may soon be a song,
That No Caring Freak.

The poor has an excuse.
They can’t afford solar panels for their roof.
The rich could build them and save power
And fresh air for others for a time
After they are gone.
They don’t give a damn
As long as there’s enough fresh air to breathe
While they’re still around.

The lazy rich and other lazies
Want to blame the government
For what they won’t do.
If you was waiting for George Washington to build you a house,
You’d have got wet with the morning dew
And maybe woke up with a field mouse
For a pet. What do you bet?

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