Tips for Cleaning Your Kitchen Sink

You may have stainless steel or you may have porcelain, but it can be a battle to get your individual sense of clean into play at times. For drain odors you can use coffee grounds in your food disposal unit to eliminate that sour smell. Basic daily care of your stainless steel sink such as cleaning it after each use with a soapy sponge or dish cloth then rinsing and dabbing it dry with a towel should keep it looking very nice and free of water marks and streaks.

For weekly cleaning use a non abrasive cleaner and use the previous steps to finish. Rubber mats can trap water and minerals thus leaving spotting.

Rust on stainless comes from a build up of minerals from your water, so to remove these use a non abrasive scrub and clean in the direction of the grain.

Never leave an object such as a brillo pad on your sink, this will leave a rust mark after a period of time, if you use this to clean with either throw it out when finished or place it in a sandwich bag and keep it under the sink.

Stainless steel will clean well with just about any cleaner, and you can always use a stainless steel cleaner to get that shine you may like. There are also products that are made just for kitchen appliances and sinks.

Sometimes no matter how you clean your sink, it still may seem not quite clean. Using soft scrub usually works well and leaves a fresh clean smell afterward. This can be used on stainless or porcelain sinks.

Cleaning a porcelain sink can be a little trickier depending on how stained or dirty it has become. One instance was the water ring drop at the drain, it was brown and disgusting and was found out later to be caused by the water supply, which was well water, to clean this took some time and experimentation but a little heard of product called “ZUD” cleaned it right up. Did a beautiful job and ended the staining.

To start with you may want to spray your sink with white vinegar to remove unseen grease and film from it and rinse it very thoroughly before continuing with a bleach scrub.

The biggest problem with porcelain is the staining factor. It can be tomato sauce, jello or grease and be very hard to get rid of, unless you know the tricks to it. An easy clean up can be done with bleach cleaners and if you want to be “green” you can use an oxygen bleach. It is natural ,biodegradable and non toxic. This will clean just as well (it may take a little longer to work than your regular bleach would. Overall though it is better for you and the environment.

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