Feline Pine Out Performs Other Traditional Cat Litters

Feline Pine has been the saving grace of my litter box. I have tried many different cat litters, with very little success. Feline Pine eliminates odor and provides a safe and chemical free environment for you and your cats. Feline pine reduces raw waste, is recyclable, and reusable. These are all important concerns for anyone who cares about the way they take care of their planet. You don’t have to be an activist to use this product though. The simple fact that it works well at reducing litter box odors is reason enough to byu it. Feline Pine can be found at almost any grocery store, pet store, and super center. I have even seen it at some home improvement stores.

My favorite feature of Feline Pine is the lack of chemicals. Regular cat litter is loaded with them. With Feline Pine I don’t have to worry about my cats scratching around in the litter box and then cleaning their paws. Before Using Feline Pine I had never given much thought to the variety of chemicals my cats were ingesting this way.

One of the most useful features of Feline Pine is that you can dispose of it in your garden when you litter box needs to be cleaned. Try doing that with your regular clay cat litter. You would have a smelly and messy pile of waste in you yard. Feline pine is biodegradable and actually helps fertilize your yard. You simply scoop out the cat waste from your Feline pine and flush it down the toilet. The remaining saw dust can be poured directly into your garden and container plants.

Feline Pine doesn’t cost too much more than regular cat litter. A 7 lb back will cost you about $4.00. If you think that Feline Pine is just a little too pricey you should keep in mind that it is scoopable and generally tends to last longer than clay and scoopable litters. It also weighs a lot less, which is nice when you are taking out the garbage or carrying in a bag of Feline Pine in from the grocery store. To save a little money and try Feline Pine out for free you can visit their web site for a free coupon that will reimburse you the cost of your first bag. You can visit Feline Pine online at www.felinepine.com. Check out their other products because Feline Pine now has a few varieties in addition to the original product.

The only feature I would change about Feline Pine would be the plastic bag that it comes in. If you are concerned about recycling and taking care of the earth plastic is always an issue. My best suggestion to dealing with this issue is to make sure I recycle the Feline Pine plastic bag. Most cities offer make recycling easy. If you live in a smaller town you can always make a trip once a month to drop you recyclables off at the nearest center.

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