Fiamma Grille Provides Upscale Dining for Special Occassions

Some extra cash can go a long way and a fancy dinner can do a lot to impress a prospective love interest.

Case in point: Fiamma Grille, located on Main Street in the heart of downtown Plymouth, is filled with couples canoodling over chocolate cake and whispering over glasses of wine – not to mention chowing down on some of the tastiest food in the Plymouth-Canton area since Cold Stone Creamery became a hit.

Last spring and summer, the many people walking around the downtown Plymouth area may have noticed that the space next to the restaurant Compari’s, an old favorite for locals, was being renovated. The finished product promised to bring them steak, seafood and a fine dining experience. In August of last year, Fiamma Grille opened and was soon brimming with customers waiting to try it out. The menu posted on the door is enough to make anyone’s mouth water, with such original offerings as walnut ravioli, grilled duck breast with sweet potato gnocchi and pepper encrusted ahi tuna.

The decor makes for a cozy environment. The restaurant is not stuffed with tables, but contains a comfortably spaced out mixture of tables and intimate booths. Never does one feel as though they are being crowded; the atmosphere is as though your party is the only one in the room. It becomes easy to imagine that your dinner with your significant other is secluded, making everyone in the restaurant more at ease.

Although Fiamma Grille could be considered upscale, it does not have the stuffiness that other restaurants in its caliber and price range do. College students, families and the elderly alike will find that their service is always the same: exceptional. The waiters and waitresses treat every diner as though they are the special guest of the night; they fold your napkin for you, answer any questions, check back frequently to make sure that everything is good and do all of it with a warm smile on their face.

The food, both in presentation and taste is excellent. A unique offering of bread comes complimentary with every meal. The bread itself is enough to justify a visit to Fiamma, topped with an assortment of sauce, anchovies or cheese and served with oil for dipping.

The soups are served in stylish low bowls and rich enough to constitute a meal in themselves. The lobster bisque, in particular, is almost thick enough to chew and rich with real lobster flavor.

The entrees are decorated with tiny pieces of colored peppers and served with such garnishes as flowers and kale, a frilly purple-green leaf. The portions, although not huge, are satisfying. Filets of steak are served in several sizes and there are lighter options like chicken for those who are not fans of surf and turf.

Most of the time, it is possible to clean your plate and still have room for dessert, which is a good thing considering the choices. Most notably, there is a chocolate cake with a rich frosting and raspberries. Like the main course, the desserts are decorated so that one almost wants to photograph the cake, mousse or other delicacy before devouring it. However, at Fiamma Grille, waiting for a photo-op to eat is near unthinkable.

Fiamma Grill Steak and Seafood Restaurant and Bar is located at 380 S. Main Street in downtown Plymouth. They are open Tuesday through Saturday and take reservations and private parties in their banquet hall.

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