Fight Night Round 3 Cheats!

Fight Night Round 3 Cheats! Unlock all trainers, fighting styles, and boxing arenas! Believe me, you are going to need these when the time comes! Plus, the venues are very cool and life-like, adding to the reality of this game.

-BK Mascot Trainner
Beat the Burger King event on Career Mode. Burger King should be an available trainer. He is located under the $50,000 trainer and is free. His specialty is heart increase.

-Unlockable: Judge Jab
You must defeat Joe Frazier with Ali.

-Unlockable: Lethal Uppercuts
You must defeat a classic fight with Roberto Duran.

-Unlockable Smooth Style
Beat Muhammed Ali in a challenge event to receive the Smooth basic style and the Judge Jab.

-Unlockable; Madison Square Garden Venue
You must win a match at the Madison Square Garden Venue.

-Unlockable: Slickster Style
Defeat James Toney in career or classic mode.

-Unlockable: Bully Style
Defeat Joe Frasir in classic mode.

-Unlockable: Hookmaster Style
Defeat Joe Frasir in classic mode.

-Unlockable: Phillyshell
Defeat Jermain Taylor in classic mode.

-Unlockable: Ko Rey Mo
Go to the light heavy division, and defeat him in career mode.

-Unlockable: Sinister Cross
You have to win a Classic fight with Roy Jones Jr.

-Unlockable: Textbook
You have to win a Classic fight with De La Hoya.

-Unlockable: Staple’s Center Venue
You must succeed at the Staple’s Center in career mode.

-Unlockable: All Boxing Boards
You must enter NEWVIEW in the create champ mode as the first name,then save.

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