Figure Skating: A Popular Sport to Watch and Participate in

Skating is an activity that many individuals all around the world enjoy. In fact there are many children who get started in figure skating and do not want to stop. There is a limited number of individuals who end who end becoming professional figure skaters; however, that does not stop people from trying to become one or even just enjoying the sport.

Professional figure skating is most often done is competition; however, there are other forms of professional figure skating. There are many ice skating arenas around the world that regularly put on figure skating movies or plays. These movies and plays often involve acting as well as skating and sometimes a particular character’s emotion is described with a jump or a twist.

When professionally figure skating is used to put on a performance there are many figure skaters that must work together. This type of figure skating require team work and commitment from everyone involved. Professional figure skating in the form of competition is somewhat similar; however, there are many skaters who skate alone. A professional figure skater can ice skate on their own or they can be pared up with another partner, making their competition for doubles.

Figure skating take a large amount of training before many skaters can even think about going professional. Young adults or parents of children who enjoy figure skating end up taking figure skating lessons from a figure skating coach or an old figure skater. The majority of these lessons do not come cheap; however, the are essential to transforming a traditional ice skater into a figure skater.

When in training many ice skaters learn to do jumps, spins, and sometimes even flips. The amount of training will depend on the lesson type and the experience of the coach or the trainer. Since a lot of the moves that skaters will be learning are potentially dangerous many skaters must wear protective gear especially when practicing. Many skaters wear knee pads, arm pads, or butt pads. When in competition there are many individuals who may continue to wear a few pads; however, many choose not to because they feel that it takes away from their skating outfit and routine. There are many skaters who still wear protective rear end padding because it can be concealed in most skating outfits.

In addition to the above mentioned protective padding a figure skater will of course need ice skates. Many professional figure skaters choose to purchase ice skates that have been customized or that are specifically designed for figure skating. Due to many fast and quick moves figure skaters need to have ice skates that allow them to move around fast while also doing difficult moves.

Figure skating is a beautiful pastime and sport. Although the majority of ice skaters to do not make it to professional figure skating, there are still thousands of individuals who get out weekly or even everyday to enjoy the sport of figure skating.

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