Final Cut Pro Benefits

Final Cut Pro is one of the industries leading video editing programs. The program allows you to edit digital video on your computer with amazing results. Final Cut Pro is the program of choice for many film and video professionals. If you are a film professional, then Final Cut Pro may be a program you should look into purchasing, here are a few reason why Final cut stands out above the rest.

Superior Video Quality

Final Cut Pro is set up to input your video in the highest quality and resolution possible. With Final Cut Pro, you know that you’re video is going to look just as good on your computer as it does on your camera. Final Cut is set up to work with standard definition cameras as well as High Definition (HD) camcorders. The program is also set up to work with decks, so you can input your video without the use of your camera. Final Cut Pro 5 also introduces the ability to directly input video from tape less cameras such as the Panasonic P2. This cutting edge video editing system updates regularly to maintain its edge on the market. The newest cameras and the newest products will be ready to roll in your editing system.

Multiple Channel Audio

Final Cut Pro allows you to work with several different channels of audio, and mix those channels any way you choose. The audio tools in Final Cut Pro really give you the flexibility to do whatever your heart desires within the program.

Multiple Channel Video

Final cut Pro gives you the ability to lay several layers of video over each other. You can have video over moving backgrounds and up to 99 levels of video shown on the same screen at the same time. You are only limited by your imagination when it comes to editing video on this system.

Professional Color Correction

We don’t always shoot our video in the ideal conditions. Final Cut Pro allows you to easily correct the color of your video. You can also add effect to your video to give it a different look entirely.

Professional Transitions

These aren’t your traditional dissolves and fades. Final Cut Pro gives you the ability to make some magnificent transitions that you can not make in any other video editing program.

Make DVDs Instantly

With final cut pro 5, you can export your movie complete with chapter markers immediately to DVD Studio pro and burn a DVD. Using the two programs together makes making the DVD a breeze. You can make a professional looking product in as little time as possible so you can move on to your next big project!

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