Financial Consultant Jobs: Where to Look

Finding the job of your dreams is not an easy task, especially if you are not sure where to look. In today’s market there are literally thousands of legitimate places that a person can post their resume, read want ads, or market their services, however, there are also thousands of illegitimate or unproductive ways to spend your job hunting efforts. If you are a skilled financial consultant looking for the freelance, contract, or permanent consulting position of your dreams, then you need to read this article to learn where you can find legitimate financial consultant job leads.

Where to Look for Financial Consultant Jobs Option Number One

The first place to look for a financial consultant job is perhaps the most traditional, the employment agency. There are several ways to maximize the benefits of using employment agencies.

The first way is to research your local employment agencies to see which ones specialize in financial positions. In addition to locating an employment agency that has the ability to find financial consultant positions for you, you also want to learn about the fees that they charge, their hiring practices, and the restrictions they place on your job search while you are signed with them. You should be aware that some employment agencies retain you as their employee for a specific period of time before you are released to enter into an employment contract with another company. By understanding the restrictions, fees, and hiring practices of each employment agency, you will be in a better position to make a decision on which employment agency to use.

The second way to maximize the benefits of employment agencies is to use more than one in your search to find a financial consultant position. By diversifying your job search team you will be able to identify more positions to choose from.

Employment Agencies That You Can Contact:

1. Local Branch of the Department of Labor & Industry – Employment Division
2. Nolan Agency
3. Federal Government Job Service

Where to Look for Financial Consultant Jobs Option Number Two

The second place to look for a financial consultant job is through online job boards. Again there are several ways to maximize the benefits of using these types of job location services.

The first way is to prepare a resume that highlights your experience and training that relates to financial consulting. Employers and people searching for financial consultants will be looking for people who can demonstrate their qualifications to manage money. Have a list of references available for interested employers, but don’t post your list online, as this can be seen as a breach of confidentiality of your past employers. Simply indicate in your resume that “references are available upon request.” As a side note, you should also get the permission of all of your references to give out their contact information. This will help to maintain a positive relationship with your past employers and clients.

The second way to maximize the benefits of online job boards is to ensure that the boards you post to are viewed by your target market. This means not posting your resume and contact information on job boards that specialize in technology jobs, and not posting your resume on job boards that are not widely known by the general public and your target market. Look for job boards that have a well known name like, one that is specifically designed to generate financial consultant job leads like, or job boards that are designed to serve your geographical region.

Online Job Boards:

1. The Monster Board
2. Jobs in the Money Job Board
4. The Vault
5. Top USA Jobs
6. Career Quest

Where to Look for Financial Consultant Jobs Option Number Three:

The third place that you can look to find a financial consultant job is to directly market your services to companies and individuals. Who you target will depend on what type of financial consultant you want to be, and what type of clients you wish to sign on.

If you intend to be a private financial consultant for private clients then you will need to direct your advertising to sources that your target demographic uses. For example the yellow pages of your local phone book, ad space in your local newspaper, and ad space on your local television station or radio station. If you are planning on becoming a corporate financial consultant then you will need to send your resume and cover letter to companies that may be interested in your services, and then follow up with a phone call that requests an appointment to meet with the head of the financial department or owner of the companies that you would like to serve.

Typical companies that hire financial consultants on a continuous basis include:

1. Charles Schwab
2. Richter Consulting
3. Capto Financial Consulting
4. Jackson Financial

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