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An advantage that the iPod has over other mp3 players is that the unit itself is basically a small hard drive with internal software, enabling it to perform many functions beyond the realms of playing music and video. In addition to storing files, the iPod can also accept and utilize software designed to enhance and add new features, such as news downloads or weather reports, exercise instructions and recipe books, and driving directions or city tour guides, among other unique applications.

There are many websites you can visit on the internet to find the latest and greatest iPod software. One such website is iPodSoft, at At iPodSoft, you’ll find useful applications like iGadget, a handy piece of iPod software that allows you to copy songs off your iPod and onto your PC, as well as download a wealth of information from the internet, including RSS news feeds and podcasts.

Another handy iPod application found at iPodSoft is iArt 3, a clever piece of software which will not only find and retrieve album artwork for the music on your iPod, but lyrics as well, if available.

Extreme DAP, located at, offers a range of valuable iPod software, most available for free download. You’ll find simple utilities, such as bridging the pauses between songs as you upload them to your iPod, and transferring music and playlists, as well as more diverse iPod software, such as downloadable travel guides for your iPod, for many areas including France, New Zealand, London, and a large selection of US cities.

You’ll be able to find many more downloadable travel guides at –

The iPod application Life2Go can be found at This iPod software is capable of syncing with dozens of news and information sources on the web and downloading the information to your iPod. Receive daily news reports, gas prices, movie times and locations, stock quotes, weather reports, and more. Life2Go is a very useful application that showcases the vast potential of the iPod.

For the religiously inclined, visit where you can download bible software for your iPod for a small fee. The BiblePlayer iPod software will enable you to both read and hear the Bible on your iPod, and includes chapter selections. Several Bible translations are available.

Chef Emeril offers software for your iPod on his website at Here, you can find applications that will display weekly menu ideas and recipes on your iPod.

In addition to these apps that utilize the power of the iPod, there are many more applications that work in conjunction with your iPod, enabling users to make easy podcasts, such as WebPod Studio, from Avanquest – For easy subscription to podcasts, find iPodderX at

At Zapptek –, you’ll find software like iPresent It, which allows users to make necessary modifications to the images displayed on an iPod, and iPDA, whereby you can easily transfer information from Word and text documents, address books, Entourage, and other apps to your iPod.

Visit the Apple website for more iPod related software and application downloads.

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