Find the Best Job Before Moving Out of State

So you’ve decided that you’ve had enough. You want to move out of state. The first thing you need to do is find a job in the new location. But how?

Finding a new job close to home is hard enough, but finding one in another state can seem impossible. Whether you are looking for something in your present field or looking to get involved in a new one, these tips should help to make your search easier.

Relocate Within Your Company

If you work for a large company that has stores or offices across the country the easiest way to get a job out of state is to relocate within the company itself. Most big companies will post job openings at their web sites. If your company does this, check back often as new postings could come up at any time. Most companies would prefer to transfer a good and trusted employee than to hire an unknown. If the right job is being offered, with higher pay, you might even consider changing your ultimate destination to suit your company’s needs. Some companies will even offer incentives or bonuses to employees’ who are willing and able to transfer to the places where they need already-trained and reliable employees.

Internet Job Search

If your company does not have locations in your desired area, or if you would prefer to start fresh somewhere else, you can find a job by using an employment search engine online. Sites like Monster and Career Builder, can make it possible to search for jobs any place in the United States from the comfort of your own living room. You can apply to job offers immediately or post your resume and desired job specifications here and let potential employers find you instead. These sites also offer advice and networking capabilities to help you find the best jobs available for you.

Local Newspapers Online

If you prefer to do a more localized search, you can find the online edition of the local newspaper for your desired area. Newslink is a directory with links to newspapers and magazines worldwide. They have listings for local newspapers both state and citywide.

Once you’ve located the correct newspaper for your area you can click onto their employment section to find the most recent job openings available. Have an updated resume ready. Most companies will request a resume, sent by email, before they will talk to you. If they like what they see they will call you and at that time you can explain your situation and make arrangements to visit them for a formal interview.

It is a good idea to have several interviews set up before making the trip to the new area. Travel can be expensive, and some companies will require more than one interview before hiring you so be sure to include these costs in with your moving expenses.

Local Newspapers Offline

If you do not have access to a computer, you can arrange to have the local newspaper from your desired area delivered to you by mail. Be aware that these newspapers will be delivered a day or two after the printed date, depending on how far away you plan to move but can still be good tools to help you find a job in a new area. An additional advantage to having the printed paper edition sent to you is that you will also be able to read all of the local articles from the new area. Online newspapers usually only provide the top stories for the day in question. The smaller local stories, found in the printed edition, can give you a good feel for the economy and job market in the new location. The letters written to the editor can also be helpful on this subject. Checking the business section of the paper will inform you of any new openings or closings in the area along with providing information on what the local business scene is up to.

Chambers of Commerce

The local Chamber of Commerce can be an excellent place to start looking for a job in a new area. They have the listings for all of the businesses in their area. They also have job listings and maps available. You can visit them online, call them, or visit them in person when you are in the area. Their representative’s advice can be invaluable help for your job search. They can give you the tax information for the new area as well as local business statistics.

The Chamber of Commerce can also provide you and your family with other pertinent relocation information that you will need when finding a new home and community.

The World Chamber’s of Commerce Directory has listings for every Chamber of Commerce in the United States and worldwide.

Visit the New Area

If you can afford it, visit the new area a few times before making the actual move to the new location. If you are interested in working in the retail industry, stop into the local stores. Ask them if they are hiring and fill out a few applications. Find out about the pay rate and benefit packages that are being offered.

While there, stop into places that are similar to your chosen field. Don’t be shy. Ask good questions and let it be known that you are seeking employment in the area. Many great jobs were found simply by word of mouth and sometimes just plain-old dumb luck.

While visiting, get friendly with the locals that you meet while out and about town. Speak to the sales clerks that help you while shopping and the waiters and waitresses at the restaurants where you are dining, even the manager of the motel you are staying at. Ask them if they enjoy living and working here. Ask them about their jobs and if they know of anything in your particular field that might be available. You’ll be surprised how helpful and friendly strangers can be when approached properly and with respect.

Be aware that finding a new job in a different state can take time, you’ll need patience and possibly a bit of a nest egg to get you through, but it isn’t impossible. Following some of the above-mentioned tips should help to make it a little easier for you to find the perfect job in the right location. Good luck!

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