How to Handle Job Offer Rejection

Rejection is a part of any job search. No matter what type of job you are seeking, being able to cope with rejection is an important part of your search. Here are several ideas that can help you effectively deal with rejection and help you keep a positive outlook:

Keep in mind that the majority of inquiries you make about potential jobs will end with a rejection. Focus on the fact that it only takes one “Yes” for you to succeed and you will surely spend less time worrying about numerous rejections. Do not take rejection personally. The decision to hire one person and reject all others is simply a business decision and has nothing to do with your qualifications being inferior or reflect in any way on you as a person. Employers receive many inquiries about one job offer. Not only do they look at the qualifications of the applicant, but the overall ability of the person to fit in to the company or organization. Your skills may indeed be perfect for the job, but if the employer chooses another person over you, it is certainly not a reflection of your professional abilities.

Remember that many aspects of landing that perfect job are out of your control. Accept responsibility for your actions, your qualifications, and your diligence in searching for a new job. If you put forth your very best effort and do not get the job, then that is a circumstance that is beyond your control and you must forge ahead with a positive attitude.

Learn from your experiences and ask for feedback from potential employers that did not offer you the job in which you applied for. Evaluate your interview skills, your approach, and your ability to communicate effectively with others. Use this feedback as a means to perfect your job searching skills and appreciate the chance to grow and learn from rejection.

Each rejection you receive should be considered as a stepping-stone that will lead you to the position that is perfect for you. Just because you were rejected for a certain job, this does not mean you will never find a job or that there is something wrong with you that makes you somehow undesirable. If you are not perfect for one position, you may be perfect for another position or a future opportunity. Rejection is a temporary, single event and should not be treated as a catastrophe.

A rejection should not prevent you from focusing at the task at hand and you should move forward just as if the rejection never took place. Never give up and never doubt that the perfect job is out there waiting for you to find it. Take good care of yourself and your health. Get plenty of rest, eat properly, and exercise. A positive mental attitude and a healthy mind and body are crucial to your success.

Get support from friends and family who will not mind if you express your frustration and anger with being rejected for a job. The simple act of venting your negative feelings will go a long way in eliminating negativity. Listen to the feedback and advice they offer you and incorporate it into your job search. Understand that a rejection could really be a blessing in disguise. If the employer does not feel that you are the right candidate for the job, chances are the job would not be right for you in the first place. You will be much better off to keep searching for the job that is a perfect fit for you than you will if you dwell on rejection from an employer that probably was wrong for you to begin with.

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