How to Know When to Quit Your Job

Planned to leave your job? Well it does not really matter what the reason is for you leaving. We know that leaving your job gracefully is not that easy. A lot of us will not appreciate the endings, even if it is for something positive. Leaving your job can bring up all kinds of emotions inside you. Don’t pay attention to this situation, always leave your job with grace and in a way that it makes you feel proud of yourself.


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    Prepare your resignation letter

    If you are leaving your company it is polite and professional to write a resignation letter for your boss. That means it won’t be appropriate to quit your job with an Instant message over the phone call and just walking in saying you quit your job. We are talking about a letter that has a proper company name, address on top as well and your name with the signature at the bottom left. It doesn’t matter if you have Email capability in the office, a resignation letter should be professionally typed and submitted to your boss personally. Explain why you choose to leave.

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    Slacking off is not an option

    For the reason that you are leaving your office does not mean you need to sit back and waste your time quitting doesn’t mean you need to stop working hard. Remember to always leave people with a good last impression.

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    Take only what is yours

    When everything is done and you have finalized to leave your post. Collect all your belongings that truly belong to you and leave the company belongings. You do not want your company to sue you for taking what’s theirs companies will go as far as taking legal’s actions against their individuals just take what is yours.

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    Talk to your boss

    It is a good idea that you meet your ex-boss after resigning and talk to him/her about the decision. He/she might try to convince you to stay or make you a counter-offer, and you should consider it seriously with a cool mind. One incident should not be the reason why you leave your job.

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