The Benefits of Working for a Temp Agency

If you need a job and are not extremely picky at the moment, you might want to consider using a temp agency, or staffing firm. Employment placement agencies are often looked down upon because for most people they are a last resort. But unless you have a great job already set up for you, working for a temp agency may just well be the smartest place for you to look for work. For one, it’s a source of income, one that you might not have otherwise. And two, many clients who solicit temps from staffing agencies are looking for a temp to hire situation. That essentially means that you will start out as a temporary employee and if things work out, you could end up with a full time position.

Another great aspect of working for a temp agency is that you can jump around from job to job as part of your contractual agreement. So if one job turns out to be really boring you can rest assured that you only have a day or two left of it. Think of how many people dread going to their jobs daily. Imagine just being a free spirit for a little while and trying out a lot of industries. Because chances are, even if you are only serving administrative positions, you are still being exposed to different environments and gaining impressions about them that your peers in cozy corporate jobs might never have had the chance to experience.

Then there is networking. At each job you to go to you will most likely make some friends and if you are wise you will grab their contact info before you leave, in case you ever should need to contact them. Networking is a classic tool.

Another benefit is that most of your coworkers at your assignment locations won’t know this but you will most likely be getting paid higher than the average person in that position. It is unknown to me the exact reason why this always seems to be the case, but I suspect it has something to do with just another incentive to retain temporary staff. Because even though you might get paid $10/hr, the company is a actually paying the employment agency sometimes near 50% more than that to have you on board. Also in many personal experiences, the job placement suggestions have been less than desirable sounding and so the higher payment a helpful incentive.

Finally, working for a temp agency can save your resume if you have jumped around from job to job or you have big chunks of unemployed time marked down. These are reasons for a potential real employer to become suspicious but if you simply explain that you were temping for a while, they not only understand why you jumped around, but they understand the gaps or lost time.

Overall, working for a temp agency can be extremely beneficial for any individual. There are probably several temp staffing agencies in your town or nearby city, you have only to look in the yellow pages or online. There are also some nationwide temp staffing agencies that deal with temps through the internet and employ you from home. Either way, there should be plenty near you to choose from, some even particular to your specialty. So look around. Or go online to some forums and ask for suggestions. Surely there will be plenty of people eager to help you. For working for a temp agency is one of the newest greatest jobs to come about.

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