Finding Free Role Playing Games Online

It is possible to find role playing games online? Don’t all the best ones, from World of Warcraft to EverQuest, require that you buy software and then pay monthly subscription on top of that cash outlay? Role playing games have never been more popular. They have achieved a level of sophistication in graphics and gameplay, not to mention in addictiveness, that has quickly turned the MMORPG into one of the must-haves for internet gamers. Role playing games are perfect for the internet because they are based completely upon subsuming your own personality and taking on the person of a new character. Unlike the role playing games of yore played almost exclusively by Comic Book Guy-type nerds and geeks, the newer breed take advantage of the built-in anonymity of the internet. Now all those players who always secretly wanted to play Dungeons and Dragons but were terrified of being branded a geek themselves can live out their fantasies.

An argument can certainly be made that role playing games you can play for free online don’t carry quite the same high levels of graphics and other features that the bigger pay for play brand name games do, but that hardly means they aren’t worth taking a look at. When finding free role playing games online, you must first narrow down what type of game you want. While single player games that you can save and come back to at the exact time and place you left exist, the real fun of role playing games on the internet are really in those multiple player games where people all over the world can take whenever they want. These games are continuous and the point where you left may look completely different when you come back. In addition to having fun, these types of games also offer the opportunity for socializing that single player games simply cannot. Just as with the paying kind, not all free online role playing games involves dwarves, elves and dragons. There are historically based games, space-based games, pirate games, you name it.

How do you find free online role playing games? The best way is the easiest. Simply type in free online role playing games into any search engine. There are also many sites dedicated to providing links to the multiple free online role playing games. When you come across one of these sites, it’s like a cafeteria from which you can pick and choose. The world of online role playing games relies quite a bit on word of mouth. So you might want to check out some of the more popular online role playing game forums and blogs. Here you will get honest evaluations of the free online games unfiltered by corporate propaganda. Of course, that doesn’t mean you should take everything you read in these forums and blogs at face value. Viral marketing is very much in play and there are some bloggers who get paid good money to pump up or push down games. Most of this type of viral marketing is directed at games you have to pay for, however, and not wasted on free online games.

It is also important to remember that the key word here is free. If you come across a free online role playing game that asks you for credit card information before allowing you access, you might want to move on. But not necessarily. Just make sure first that if you are asked for credit card information that the game is free for a trial period. Some of these role playing games will let you play for a week or a month or so for free, but then start charging you. Read the fine print. If it doesn’t sound like a trial period to you, but they still want credit card numbers, run screaming. On the other hand, if it is a trial period you are paying for, get the exact information on when they start charging you and what you have to do in order to cancel the free trial before you start getting charged.

There are plenty of web sites devoted to either providing you with free online role playing games or giving you information on what to look for. The following are just a few places to get started, but by no means limit yourself to these.

Mr. Free : One of those cafeteria sites featuring many links.

Netgate: Many, many games. A terrific site to get you off and running.

City of If: Specializing in historically-based story games based on such things as Greek myths.

King of Chaos: A dedicated MMORPG site that is free, don’t let the fact that it was created by high school juniors scare you. Rather let it inspire you.

Darkshire.Net: Another collection of terrific free online role playing games.

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