Finding Personalized Gifts & Souvenirs in Puget Sound

The Puget Sound area is a hot tourist area. It is that time of the year. Tourism is increasing now and souvenirs are selling like hotcakes. Gift buying is on our minds as well, but you want something special and personalized. Where do you turn? What is a great souvenir that will personalized and provide years of fond memories? Located within our peninsula are some wonderfully original establishments to help you. Here is a sampling of just some of them.

If you are shopping for a golf enthusiast, visit Rocket Golf in Silverdale for some great gift ideas. This Puget Sound area business provides a service whereby one can order golf balls and tees with either your name or logo on them. Printing can be in color, if desired. These are great for tournaments also. Allow about a month to receive your personalized order. In addition, golf club head covers and golf bags can be embroidered for a special touch. Your intended likes irons? No worry, these can have special scripts engraved onto them. Contact Rocket Golf at 360-692-6828 for further information. (Having golf items personalized is not exclusive to Rocket Golf, but many pro shops offer it. Check with your favorite shop to be sure.)

Another popular sport around Puget Sound is boating and YES USA in Poulsbo is a business which offers one the option of either purchasing a flag there or bringing in your own vessel’s flag to have it embroidered. In addition to embroidering ship flags, they will embroider hats, jackets, towels, and t-shirts. They have a one day turnaround time and offer over 24 fonts to choose from. This makes for a perfect NW souvenir. Offering nationwide shipping and extended holiday hours adds to shoppers’ convenience. Contact them at 360-697-7883. Or, visit them online at

If a gift basket is what you are seeking, search no further than Baskets Unique in central Kitsap. With baskets ranging from fruit, plant, to toiletries (and almost everything in between), you can have your basket personalized to just your specifications. They offer quite a variety of themed baskets, which are quite appealing. Try one of their baskets which contain only Puget Sound items. For companies ordering 20 or more baskets, imprinting of your name and logo are done within a couple of weeks. On the spot personalizing is available on select items. Baskets Unique offers delivery within Kitsap County, pick up, and also ships nationwide. Contact Debbie Burton, owner, at 360-692-3600 for further information.

Another great way to offer a personalized gift is through having your own private label of your favorite brew. This goes over well for any celebrations or special event. This is another great way to remember your Northwest vacation. Heads Up Brewing in Silverdale offers on-site prepared beer, wines, hard ciders (peach is SUPERB!), and soda. Their root beer is something to remember! You simply choose your favorite bottle style and what you would like on the label. For instance, have a family photo, wedding picture, etc. Just bring in your favorite picture, scan it onsite, and viola! Your own private label exists! The time span for personalization differ from six weeks for wine, to about one week for sodas. Contact Ted Farmer, owner, at 360-337-2739 for more information.

Kingston’s Northstar Sportswear can personalize almost anything you can think of. The firm’s regular line includes hats, T-shirts, sweatshirts, golf shirts, and much more. In addition to attire, Northstar offers all kinds of specialty items from coffee mugs to golf balls and everything in between. However, they will attempt to put whatever name or artwork on just about anything you can bring to them. For more information, call them at 360-297-2260, 800-445-8270. Or, visit them online at

Great personal gifts for the office worker can be found at most office supply companies, including Office Depot. Here one can order personalized calendars, stationary, business cards, envelopes, and other items printed for you. Contact Office Depot in Silverdale at 360-613-1920.

Business related novelty items are another great way to give a personalized gift. These would be a very welcome gift for the entrepreneur who is on a tight budget. Everyone could use some help ‘spreading the word’ and novelty items do it remarkably well. Items such as pens, paperweights, coffee mugs, aprons, etc. can be personalized with your name, contact information, and/or logo on them. This provides a continuous reminder to others about your business. Check your local directory for ‘Engravers’, ‘Rubber stamping’, etc.

There are many more ways to give either a personalized gift or souvenir throughout the Puget Sound area. If you think of something you would like, there is bound to be someone who will do it. Experiment and look around!

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