The Best Tropical Holiday Gifts in Rincon

Beside the Pointe is located on the beach in the quaintest part of the Puntas neighborhood. Nestled in to the corner of a long, white sand beach, it specializes in local Caribbean items that have would make great gift ideas. With the holidays approaching, Beside the Pointe is the ideal place to buy the ever-elusive conch shell earrings, or the hard to find genuine puka shell necklace. With a wide selection of handmade jewelry, you can find a unique gift for that special someone that already has plenty of traditional jewelry.

Not only does Beside the Pointe have a wide array of local fare, a section of the store is devoted to art from other regions of the Caribbean. Hand painted coconuts from the nearby island of Vieques, and bamboo frames from the Dominican Republic, are not only beautiful and well crafted, but the prices are very reasonable. My favorite item in the store is the Christmas lights shaped like palm trees. Similar to the hanging icicle lights, the palm trees light up in the traditional Puerto Rican colors of red, white, and blue, and would be a fun idea to liven up any room.

If you are just passing through, there are a number of cool gift ideas that commemorate the town of Rincon. T- shirts emblazoned with the famous “413” logo (the stretch of local road that lies near Beside the Pointe), and stickers celebrating the booming surf culture around the area are good gifts for anyone dreaming of making a trip to somewhere warm this winter.

Most items in the store range from 2-30 dollars, but if you are willing to spend a little extra cash, Beside the Pointe has plenty to offer. Original watercolor paintings from some of the well-known locals will fetch you a few hundred dollars, but they are worth it. The details are incredible, and each one highlights aspects of the tropical lifestyle. The handmade bamboo frames available can also be included, and they compliment the paintings beautifully.

One of the most unique items available is a stay in the hotel that Beside the Pointe lies in. For a limited time, the price for a week’s stay has been slashed, but the special price is only available through the store. The hotel is a mere stone’s throw away from some of the best beaches in all of Puerto Rico, and snorkeling gear is available by request. A delicious restaurant compliments everything else, and the preparation of local seafood is the best in town. Not that you’d need it, but a first rate pool is also available as well as air conditioning in all the rooms. A stay here is a great choice for a gift.

Bottom line is that Beside the Pointe is one of the most unique stores in all of Rincon. So if you are looking for a gift that isn’t on anybody’s list but probably should be, than Beside the Pointe is where you should head.

Beside The Pointe
Carretera 413 Kilometro 4.7 Camino Martillo

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