Finding a Country Breakfast in Smithtown, New York

If you like family style dining and are looking for a good country breakfast, Maureen’s Kitchen in Smithtown, New York is the place. If you are driving you can’t miss Maureen’s Kitchen. It is just of Route 347 at 108 Terry Road in Smithtown. As you drive up you will see a giant cows head sticking out of a white barn. Vegetarians beware; this is not your kind of place.

The inside of Maureen’s Kitchen is decorated with country flair. As you enter the building you step between two life sized cows busts, and on the right there is a glass case with a cow printed Harley Davidson. When you first step in you are on part of the wrap around porch on the barn. A friendly, and may I say good looking, hostess will take your name and usually there is a wait to be seated. The wait can be especially long on busy days like Sunday. People also flock to Maureen’s Kitchen in the morning for a filling breakfast.

When I went there for a late breakfast a couple of days ago the wait wasn’t long. I didn’t mind anyway. The grounds surrounding the building are covered with all kinds of trees. In fall the colors are quite amazing. Everyone waits patiently and has friendly conversation. In fact a couple that I and my friend were talking with at the door actually ended up being seated right next to us.

When you go inside to eat you will notice the bright red color that runs throughout the entire restaurant, as well as the wood floors that have been stained green. There are diner style booths as well as old fashioned kitchen tables. You know the red and white metal table that your grandmother had, the one with the flaps that pull out to make it bigger? Those are the tables that they have. I love the decoration at Maureen’s Kitchen with the old fashioned stoves and other kitchen accessories. It feels really home like. The smells drifting off each plate and from the kitchen reminded my of breakfast on my uncle’s farm.

The menu is a combination of breakfast and lunch items. For breakfast everyone will recommend the blueberry or orange pancakes. I had eggs, bacon, potatoes, sausage, toast, coffee, and an English muffin. Everything was great except the sausage. It was very bland without much flavor or seasoning. The potatoes were dressed with green and red peppers, as well as onions. They were like country style home fries.

Since everyone eats in such close proximity it is easy to see all the good food around you. From omelets to hot open sandwiches, and desserts Maureen’s Kitchen offers you it’s best. The pastrami and Cobb sandwiches are highly recommended. Aside from breakfast, Maureen’s Kitchen also has a wide variety of soups, salads, sandwiches, and burgers.

Maureen’s Kitchen is open from 6 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. during the week. On Saturday and Sunday the operating hours are from 7 a.m. to 1:45 p.m. The phone number is 631.360.9227. Maureen’s Kitchen is perfect for an early start or a late lunch. In 2005 Maureen’s Kitchen was voted an AOL City Guide Best. AOL called them “a breakfast oasis in a land of IHOPs and diners”.

I would definitely eat at Maureen’s Kitchen again, but next time I might try a hot sandwich instead. They looked very tasty, and it seemed like that was what everyone was ordering. Maureen’s Kitchen serves American style breakfast and lunch at an inexpensive price. The service is super fast. I was telling my friend that I thought I wanted some water and a waitress brought one over immediately. Our food only took about 6-7 minutes to arrive after we ordered it. The waitress was very friendly and helpful. The only bad thing I could say about Maureen’s kitchen is that they cannot handle large groups and they do not take credit cards.

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