Five Must-Have Summer Gardening Tools

Summer gardens are a great way to get fresh vegetables, enjoy a butterfly garden or eat delicious salsa from your herb garden. But without the right gardening tools, your gardening experience might not go over so well. Make sure you have the greenest of thumbs by including these five must-have gardening tools in your summer garden arsenal.

Hose Hideaway

A garden hose is a must-have essential for any garden space. But when a straggling hose is left pulled around your garden, it not only poses a safety risk, but it can easily damage the hose over time. Store your hose safely and securely by using a garden hose caddy. The Hose Hideaway from Suncast is a sturdy and attractive hose reel that quickly and easily stores your hose with the spin of its ergonomic handle.

Compost Bin

One of the key ingredients to a productive garden is its soil. Getting rich soil is easy when you added natural fertilizers like compost. A compost bin is great for ensuring your garden soil has all of the nutrients it needs to produce healthy crops. The Keter Garden Compost Bin uses a unique enclosed spinning barrel similar to a concrete mixer to aerate the compost while keeping smells, insects and bugs at bay.


For rich garden soil, the addition of compost and other natural nutrients and amendments should be added to the soil. To get a rich mixture and to help aerate the soil, a rototiller can really help. The Troybuilt 6.5 electric garden tiller is one of the top rototillers for any summer gardener. Always be sure to have another helper behind you keeping the power cord away from the tillers blades.

Potting Bench

A potting bench is great for working in the garden with multiple seedlings, tools or other bulky equipment. It helps to keep your tools and other garden accessories stored in one location that is easily movable throughout the garden. This Potting bench from Vifah Worldwide Corporation looks good and works even better. A set of sturdy wheels, plenty of compartments and an attractive design makes this bench a great choice for summer gardens large or small.

Hands-Free Irrigation

An irrigation system is crucial to any garden, no matter what size it is. The backbreaking labor of constantly watering your garden during the hot summer months is a serious problem that often takes all of the fun out of having a summer garden. By installing a cost effective drip irrigation system and a heavy layer of mulch in your summer garden, you can easily keep your summer vegetables, flowers and herbs well watered. Hook it up to a timer and you can easily prevent the hard work of irrigating a summer garden.

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