Frigidaire Double Wall Oven Review

So you’re in the market for a new oven? And not just any oven but a double built-in electric wall oven? I must say that this was one of the most rare products that I was asked about in my department, however, there are definitely thousands of people who are in need of this type of oven. The thing is, most department stores don’t carry any in-stock, and most employees don’t understand what to look for in a good wall oven, thus making shopping for one, very difficult. However, throughout my research I have found several absolutely amazing wall ovens. And one of them being made by Frigidaire 30″ Built-in Double Electric Wall Oven, in – of course – stainless steel.

One of the coolest aspects of this wall oven, is that it is a dual oven in design, which means it can literally accommodate an entire meal. This option is utterly wonderful when you have a buys life, which all of us do, and a large family to feed. The “Dual Radiant” feature and “Vari-Broil” system are two of the most unique things about this oven, both of which I will discuss in just a moment. This oven is also very striking in appearance. The black on Stainless give it a very sophisticated look that is guaranteed to make your kitchen stand out and stimulate your companies eyes and the food stimulates their taste.

Now, on to the two major features of this oven. The Dual Radiant feature basically means that the top broil element rotates periodically throughout the baking and roasting cycles. Thus giving you an amazing cook; with this feature you will have an extremely even and very moderated level of heat within your oven, thus making your food come out as if it were in a five-star restaurant. It’s a really great feature. The second cool feature about this oven is the Vari-Broil feature. Basically, this feature has answered the call of cooks everywhere. You can literally choose temperatures from 400 – 500 degrees in 5 degree increments, thus allowing you much more control than you have ever had before. For me, this feature is my favorite – I am so glad that a manufacturer has finally done this!

Some of the other features that this oven offers its users is a unique, and truly one-of-a-kind option that I have not seen any other oven obtain. And this is a feature entitled “Sabbath mode.” Basically, this mode safely maintains a temperature for an extended period of time complying with kosher practices for use on the Sabbath and holidays. Also, this oven is one of the more proficient self-cleaning systems that I have seen in an oven. It has the ability to tackle even most nasty of messes, and it also has an auto-latch safety lock, which firmly secures the door while cleaning mode is in use.

Ultimately, this oven is one of the greatest double-wall ovens that is on the market. I highly suggest this oven to anyone looking for a new wall-oven. However, in order to make the process of buying and installing the oven easier, make sure that you have properly measured your existing space, or if you’re installing a wall-oven for the first time, most appliance stores have installers that will come out to your house complimentary to measure and make sure that you ordered to correct size oven that will fit in the space allotted. Always remember to ask questions, and to do your research!!!

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