Finding a Quality Air Purification System

We often discount the importance of clean air, especially when we live in large cities with exorbitant pollution. But what most people don’t know is that the air inside of a home can be more toxic than any air you might find outdoors, even at the center of a booming metropolis. Air purification systems can help to reduce the toxins in the air and can even help with certain health problems.

A quality air purification system helps to take recycled oxygen and toxins in the air and turn it into more breathable air. There are millions of tiny particles floating around the typical home: dust, dead skin cells, animal dander, recycled oxygen and other nasty toxins that can hinder the quality of life in your home.

The problem is that many people use products like FeBreeze and Oust and believe that those sprays actually improve the quality of air in the home. In actuality, they simply serve to cover up or neutralize foul odors, and can even add to the toxins in the air.

Researchers estimate that the average person inhales approximately 20,000 per day, and with those thousands of breath enters more than 200 million respiratory particles. These particles wreak havoc on on immune systems and our bronchial systems, exacerbating problems that might not otherwise have existed.

This is especially true for people who suffer from asthma or intense allergies. Even if you stay indoors all day, you could (and probably are) inhaling particles that will make your condition worse. The American College of Allergists estimates that at least a third of all human illnesses are either caused or furthered by poor indoor air quality.

Most people, however, are bothered by some of the price tags attached to air purification systems. Companies like Sharper Image, Orec and Lennox have air purification systems costing in the thousands. However, if you look at the air purification systems sold at Wal-Mart, Target,Lowe’s or Home Depot, you’ll find much more manageable prices. They have smaller air purification systems for bathrooms, small dens, closets and dining rooms that cost less than $50.00, and larger ones for your bedroom, living room, kitchen and study that typically range from $100.00 – $200.00.

Although most air purification systems range from 200-500 square feet of effectiveness, ours cost only $150.00 and makes a difference in three adjoining rooms to our bedroom. You might want to purchase one and put it in your bedroom or living room and decide which rooms are effective. For a home or apartment where most of the rooms are open to one another, only one air purification system may be necessary to cause a change in your entire home.

Pay attention to the product specifics, as some air purification systems do more than others. Some also are equipped with air neutralizers or aromatherapy compartments to add different scents to the air, which may or may not be something in which you are interested.

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