Marijuana in Our Economy

As we fast approach a crossroads in the legal status of marijuana in the US, it becomes necessary we understand the use and value of marijuana both in America and around the world. What we learn is important for consumers, producers and buyers of marijuana because it is likely a new product will be introduced in to the overall

California’s Marijuana Revolution
The California medical marijuana revolution is powered by advances in horticultural science. By growing marijuana indoors it can be cultivated anywhere on the planet. This revolution started in Amsterdam, Holland. Contrary to popular belief, the laws regarding the production and use of marijuana are narrowly defined and one can still get arrested for possessing it. Like California, growers in Amsterdam also run a tight-rope between what is legal and illegal when it comes to the production of marijuana. For the past 25 years Holland has been at the forefront of the semi-legal marijuana market. Heroin addicts were being treated with medical marijuana to help wean them off the harder drug.

Holland Marijuana Production
The climate in Holland is not suited to growing marijuana so growers must grow it inside. Utilizing nutrients, special soil and high powered lighting the process is still a matter of trail and error. Marijuana grown inside requires powerful lamps that emulate the sun’s natural light spectrum. During the initial growth period the lamps operate for 18 hours a day imitating the long summer days. Then the timers are reduced to only 12 hours a day. The plants believe it s fall and begin to flower. The buds of the female plant contain the most active ingredient, tetrahydrocannibinol (THC), he psychoactive compound that produces the high. The plants are grown from seeds. Marijuana growing even has a competition called the cannabis cup, a US competition sponsored by High Times Magazine.

Marijuana & Struggling Economies
The Green House Seed Company is a legitimate business selling marijuana seeds around the world. Professional growers from Holland scour the globe for unique varieties of marijuana seeds to produce new and more potent strains. In developing countries along the equator marijuana is easily cultivated due to the tropical climate. It is a lucrative crop accounts for the survival of poor people in these poor regions who grow the crop.

Export Markets
Different types of seeds are blended to produce specific strains of marijuana plants. These seed blends are then sold for a hefty profit around the world. 25-20 kilos will sell for around 3 million euros. With the exception of America where marijuana seeds are illegal the growers are free to market their seeds across the world as novelty items. In most countries it’s legal to buy seeds but not to cultivate them. So growers brand the seeds as souvenirs. Each packet of mixed seeds retails for around 75 dollars and the growers sell around 400k packets annually. These productions will increase as the American market opens up after legalization

What does all this mean for the US should we legalize marijuana at least as a medical product? The result would not affect the illegal market as prescription drugs are commonly sold illegally. It probably would not benefit those using medical marijuana as the drug incorporates in to the pharmaceutical market and becomes so expensive we can no longer afford it.

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