Fire Place Screen DIY Project: How to Paint a Metal French Country Fire Place Screen

There are a few tricks to painting an existing metal fireplace screen to fit into a French Country design in your home. The good thing about this easy craft project is that almost any existing metal fire place screen can be easily updated to look like a French Country fire place screen

This is the perfect craft project to use to update those old brass fire place screens on a budget!

Here is a list of supplies you will need to start French Country antiquing and resurfacing your old Fire Place Screen:

Heat Tolerant Spray Primer
Heat Resistant Paint (Blue, Brown, and Yellow)
Roller paint brushes
a variety of 2″, 3″, or 4″ paintbrushes
Wood stain
Drop clothes
Cheap, outdated, or plain Fire Place Screen

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Now, the first step is to clean your outdated fire place screen. I recommend using a new grill brush. Scrub off any ashes or debris.

Now, use your hose to spray off the fire place screen. Set it out in the sun to dry.

Now, you are ready to put a coat of heat resistant primer. Your resurfacing and French Country antique paint technique will not stick to your surface if you don’t and then prime your Fire Place Screen.

You will also loose all you paint the first time you light a fire if you do not use fire and heat resistant paint! Try looking for appliance paint if you have to! You can find these paints in the spray paint section at your local home improvement store.

Allow your heat resistant primer to dry completely.

Put on a coat of your base yellow paint, again, this needs to be heat resistant.

Tip: If you are having trouble finding heat resistant paint you can sue regular spray paint, but be sure to always move your fire place screen away from the heat when you have a fire going.

Let the yellow paint dry.

Now you are ready to paint your French Country Fire Place Screen with the real color you wish it to be, so blue heat resistant paint is the color I recommend.

Spray your screen evenly with the paint.

Let this dry.

Once your French Country Fire Place Screen color has dried you are ready to start antiquing it. Start by using the sand paper to rough up edges and other areas that would typically be used over time.

This will allow your sunny yellow to show through the bright blue color.

Use this to highlight any nice scroll work or details on your fireplace screen.

Now, take your brown or rust colored heat resistant spray. Start misting the fire place screen lightly to age it. You wan tot hold this spray paint about 1 – 1 Ã?½ feet away form the screen. You only want a light splattering mist.

You can do this process until you achieve the antique look you want for your French Country Fire Place Screen.

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