First Aid Kit

You never know when an emergency will hit your home every household should have a well stocked medicine cabinet and first aid kit. You may be able to improvise for first aid, however it is much better to have the corret supplies on hand incase that emergency arises. Keep a first aid kit in your car also.


– Medicines should be kept out of child’s reach and if possible in a locked cabinet

– Check the expiration date of medicines if they have expired throw them away, best to flush them away so no one gets to them

-You should never give your medicine to someone else

-Mercury thermonter

-medicine droper and medicine spoon

-Aspirin, or substitute to assist in reducing a fever

-Calamine Lotion

-Bottle of Ipecac syrup in case of poisoning

-Box of bandaids

-Do not keep any ointments or creams that may have changed colors, throw them away

FIRST AID KIT (one should be kept in your home and another in your car)

-Keep supplies in aclean airtight container


-Open weave bandages

-Absprbent bandages

-Elastic bandages for sprains

– Roll of sterile cotton

-A triangular bandage to make a sling

-Safety pins


-hydrogen peroxide

-mild antiseptic cream

-small scissors

In you car you should also keep a blanket, and bottled water, and flares. It is better to be prepared than sorry.

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