Extend the Life of Household Items: From Plaster of Paris to Vinegar

My previous articles covered how to get stains out of many things and how to clean things that are normally ruined. If that helped you, you’ll appreciate this article as well. I will tell you how to solve problems that occur causing you to normally have to throw an item away. If you follow my advice here, however, you will be able to extent the life of many items far longer. These are just a few ideas. They will, however, really give some great tips that most people have never heard of. Things that my grandmother did after learning from her mother and so on.

When moving into a new place the new tenant almost always has to replace the shower curtain hooks in the bath stall or tub. Generally these are plastic and although they may seem easier really are not. They’re typically seen as less trouble due to rusting of the older metallic ones previously used in bathrooms years ago. However, if you know what to do; you can use the older metallic ones and enjoy their weight and efficiency even today. Take the metallic shower curtain hooks or rings and rub them with an oily rag prior to installation. (WD-40 anyone?) If you have old ones that you wish to restore to new condition; simply soak them in a mixture of water and a few drops of ammonia. Then take them out and wipe dry. Repeat if necessary for those really tough rust stains. Brand new and life extended.

Sponges and loofah disgusting from use? No problem at all. Take them and soak them in half a cup of vinegar and one cup of water for 24 hours. Rinse them and repeat if still stinky. Dry them in a water free place and they are good as new.

Flies a problem for your home in the warmer months? This one will blow you away unless you have a wise grandma as I did that knew all these tricks. Take a cloves and make a cluster of them. Add decoration if desired to trick the visiting eyes to your clever creation; and hang them in areas of trouble. The scent drives away the pests and adds a sweet aroma to your home.

Should roaches begin to attempt residency in your home, repel them with this little trick. Take equal parts of Plaster of Paris and oatmeal and make a paste of it to the degree of area required to cover, and place it along areas where the roaches have been seen. They will be attracted to it and eat it to die. Clean the roach carcasses up and worry no more.

Have any patent leather that has scuffs and is otherwise unsightly? Not a problem. I did this one as a child with my patent leather shoes. Take the patent leather item and remove dust and leather and after rub with a soft brush. Rub petroleum jelly over the surface and buff with a cloth to desired shine. Perfect as new.

Does your furniture have scuffs on it? It could be an antique or simply the family coffee table that money is too tight to replace. Either way, it is able to be returned to it’s former glory. If you are concerned wit this one try it on the underside of the furniture to ensure your comfort with the procedure. Once you feel it will be safe, you can begin. Take equal parts of linseed oil and turpentine and rub it gently with the mixture until the scratch fades. Polish as usual afterwards to reach it’s former glory.

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