First Person: Remodeling a Bedroom in Our Modular Home

My sister Lynn, had moved away from our home town to help her son, and I had moved away to help my daughter. Her son and my daughter are grown now with children of their own, so we moved back home to start life all over again.

Lynn had found a great piece of land and bought a modular home to put on it. Moving was a huge project and Lynn and I had a lot to do. The home had three bedrooms; a master bedroom, a bedroom allotted for an office, and a bedroom that would be mine.

Lynn and I began to make the house our home, taking each room and creating our own special space in each one. My bedroom was going to be transformed and we began with a passion. First, the room had to be measured so that we could get the right amount of paint. After taking the trim down, the walls were cleaned. Two coats of primer followed and then two coats of paint. It took keen skill to keep paint off the trim and doorways.

Now for those who are not familiar with South Carolina in the summertime, the summer heat is over 100 degrees in the daytime, which makes for a lot of painting problems. It was so hot in the daytime that the paint was drying too fast, making bubbles and if you happened to have a drip, it was impossible to fix. A lot of painting was done at night, working to golden oldie music from the 1960’s.

The trim was removed and painted outside in the shade. It took 3 days and two coats of paint for the trim because it was covered with wallpaper. After drying, the trim was nailed back in place.

A ceiling light and fan were added along with a lovely set of window blinds. After cleaning the carpet, the room was complete. It was a worthy project when we began to move furniture into the finished bedroom. We had not known how much space would be available, but as it turned out, there was plenty of room and a lovely addition to our home.

The beauty of this remodel is that my sister and I are both in our 60’s, both grandmothers and great-grandmothers. There was no “man power” involved, and no “how-to” books purchased. We are tweaking each room and making this home a showplace that we will be able to enjoy for years to come, and where we can welcome our friends and family for all occasions. I look forward to Christmas because I know we will light up the world with our creative juices and decorating powers.

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