First Thing First

As I grew up my mother had this saying that is quiet well renown in our speech. Whenever I considered doing something that seemed risky or to be a major turn in my life my mother would always say, “First thing first.”

To you it could mean cogitating over your next decision or weighing the pros and cons of a situation, however my mother had a different take on it. “First thing first” would always remind me to consider God first in all things. If it was receiving my allowance-“first thing first” would flow from her lips, telling me to honor the Lord with the first of my increase in finances.

When I was planning to head out with my friends-“first thing first” came up again, telling me to pray for guidance, wisdom, and protection as not to do anything wrong or shameful.

I’ve taken this phrase into my adult life and every decision is met with that phrase. As I extend this to you, let what you do be “first thing first.”

If you don’t know God-first thing first.

Having trouble with a decision-first thing first.

Need love-first thing first.

Need hope-first thing first.

As you grow up or grow old, whatever the case, “first thing first” should always be on your mind. It’ll be a light to your path through life, and a valuable asset as well.

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