Fishing with Live Bait

Fishing is one of those wonderful pastimes that offer a challenge. And, if you choose to keep your catch rather than throw it back, it can also result in some good eating. One of the most rewarding ways to go fishing is to use live bait. Live bait does not have to be worms; in many cases it is other fish. And when you use fresh live bait, part of the fun of the fishing trip is to catch the bait first and then go fishing with your catch.

The biggest advantage of fishing with live bait is that fish find it more appealing. Most of the large fish that make up the sport of sport fishing actually eat smaller fish. You can increase your chances of having a good catch when your bait is alive and wriggling seductively on the end of your hook. Different types of small fish are more attractive to different species of large fish, so before you head out, make sure you know which baitfish are best for catching the species you are targeting.

More popular species of baitfish include pinfish, whitebait (called greenbacks by some), shrimp, different types of minnows, and sardines. You can actually buy many of these types of live bait at a bait and tackle shop. Most of them are fairly inexpensive to buy, but if you know where to go, you can easily catch them for free. All of these are small sea creatures that are fairly plentiful.

If you are a sport fisherperson interested in catching king fish, however, the bait for you to use is the Spanish mackerel. King fish especially enjoy feeding on the Spanish mackerel and you can land yourself a fish worthy of a trophy by catching a few of this type of mackerel to use as bait. And, since mackerel are bigger than the other types of fish used as live bait, they are fun to catch in and of themselves. Even if you don’t actually get a king fish, your day is not a complete loss because you’ve had the sport of catching Spanish mackerel. And they can be prepared in quite tasty dishes as well.

If your preference is more toward just going out for the big fish, and not catching the bait in addition to the main fishing event, you can buy most types of live bait. If you make use of a fishing charter, you won’t have to worry about a thing relative to bait – or even tackle. Most fishing charters provide everything you need, including a guide who can point out the best live bait to use and the best places to fish.

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