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I’ve been listening intently to all of the Terrell Owens talk as several teams are beginning to position themselves to make a run at the talented but enigmatic wide receiver.

Owens, who has annihilated bridges in both, San Francisco and Philadelphia, is attracting the attention of several contending teams that think he may be the final link in their championship chain.

Now, don’t get me wrong. It’s as clear as crystal that Owens is a supremely talented player who is in the top three, talent-wise, at his position, in the entire NFL. Not giving Owens his props would be like drinking a Funky Cold Medina and not mentioning Tone Loc. Regardless of the bad analogy there, Owens is obviously a game-breaker who would make a huge difference on almost any team in the league. However, I think it’s only a matter of time before T.O. goes into “Head Case” mode and snaps once again, no matter what team picks him up.

At any rate, I have composed a list of teams in the running for Owens’ services and given them each odds of landing the outlandish receiver who single-handedly turned the Philadelphia Eagles into a national soap opera. But enough about Owens’ past let’s look to the future and what could possibly be.
Here are the odds for each of Owens’ possible suitors.

Denver 5:2
It looks like Denver is the odds of favorite to acquire Owens. Head coach Mike Shanahan seems to be really enamored with Owens and knows he could be the one player that can put the Broncos, who are very, very good, over the top in their quest for another Super Bowl championship title. However, I’m beginning to have the same impression on Broncos starting quarterback, Jake Plummer, as my good friend and radio host, Matthew, over at BetUS.com radio, who keeps reminding me and his listeners that, “If you want to go to a Super Bowl, then don’t call a Plummer.”

At any rate, Denver looks like Owens’ destination and one that could be a good match – at least for a year or two. He would certainly make the already explosive Denver offense even more powerful that it already is. Whether or not Owens can play defense is another story. The Broncos exit out of this year’s playoffs happened because Pittsburgh Steelers’ quarterback Ben Roethlisberger torched the Bronco secondary like a young John Elway, so that is a need Shanahan will have to address as well and one that may be equally as important as acquiring Owens.

Kansas City 3:1
The Chiefs appear to have at least a credible chance of Landing Owens. New head coach, Herman Edwards and all-pro tight end, Tony Gonzalez, have already gone on record as saying Owens would be a welcome addition to one of the league’s most explosive offenses.

“He’s a talented guy,” Edwards said. “He knows how to win. That’s the great thing about the offseason. It’s like building a house. You go through the draft, through free-agency and collectively get all these guys together and say, ‘What is the best house I can build right now?’ You don’t discard anything. Talk is free. You never know what’s going to happen after you talk. There’s always a perception about a guy until you actually sit down and talk with him.”

“I know T.O, and he’s a guy who wants to be competitive, wants to play hard, and if they brought him in, I’d have no problem with that,” Gonzalez said after appearing at a function promoting the Pro Bowl.

I can just see it now – Gonzalez, Larry Johnson and T.O. all trying to share one ball. Yeah, that will work out just great – not!

Tampa Bay 5:1
The Bucs are another team that has been rumored to be interested in Owens. Head coach Jon Gruden has the Bucs looking like they are primed to make a return to their former glory of just a few seasons ago when they were the league’s champions. The Bucs are located near Owens’ offseason home in Atlanta and he’d probably get as many balls thrown in his direction as he wants.

However, I think the Broncos and Chiefs are slightly ahead in the race for Owens – although I must admit – you never know what’s going on in that pea-sized brain of T.O.’s.

Miami 10:1
The odds of Owens ending up in a Dolphins uniform has gone from almost slim to none ever since head coach Nick Saban raised the possibility of acquiring a little over a month ago.

Several Miami players have pointed out the fact that, not only is Owens not wanted, but not needed as well.

“If you have another star receiver, it would cause more controversy,” Miami receiver Chris Chambers said. “Marty Booker is an excellent receiver . . . We have [tight end] Randy McMichael. We already have the pieces here. I don’t see a reason to go get a big-time receiver.”

Defensive end, Jason Taylor, has also previously said he opposes adding Owens and DL Vonnie Holliday, concurred. “You look at our receiver corps – there’s nothing wrong with it. Chris Chambers is a Pro Bowler, and Marty Booker could be.”

With comments like these coming from some of the Fins’ best players, I don’t see how Owens would ever fit in the Dolphins’ plans. Besides – it’s not like Miami actually has someone to throw him the ball. (God I hate ripping my favorite team).

Dallas 25:1
The Cowboys are another team that was mentioned early and often in the T.O. sweepstakes. However, as long as Bill Parcells resides in Dallas, this move will never happen. Parcells is a no-nonsense guy who already has the ‘Boys on the right track. Bringing in Owens and pairing him up with Keyshawn Johnson is like adding a match to a barrel of gasoline. Poof! That would be the sound of the Cowboys season going up in smoke if they ever acquired Owens.

So there you have it. The odds on acquiring Terrell Owens. All I can say is that when the s**t hits the fan, I hope whichever team he goes to doesn’t start complaining like little babies. Everyone knows that with Owens, you truly take the bad with the good. The only question in my mind is, does T.O.’s bad now outweigh his good? I guess only time will tell.

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