Fitness and Excercise Tips for Overweight Seniors

With obesity a growing problem among Americans, experts regularly inform the public that they need to stay physical fit and try to lose weight. Many average day citizens find this hard to accomplish; therefore, many wonder how seniors can try and reduce their waistline while preventing injury.

Seniors are not restricted from exercising and trying to stay fit. In fact, most doctors encourage seniors to stay active. If you are a senior who is trying lose some weight or a family member who is concerned about a relative’s weight, you should first contact a doctor. Although seniors are quite capable of exercising, their exercise activities will generally differ from that of younger individuals. Seniors are more at risk for injury during workouts.

Many health clubs are beginning to offer fitness classes, such as T’ai Chi, for seniors. Most of these classes will be with a group, but the exercises are specifically designed for a certain age group. Your doctor may also suggest that you use a personal fitness trainer. Personal trainers generally work one on one with their clients and are properly trained in promoting healthy and safe workouts. Some overweight seniors may be embarrassed about the current status of their weight and a personal trainer may make them feel more comfortable.

Walking is known to help individuals stay fit and can help in weight loss. Walking is a safe activity that people of all ages can enjoy. Walking outside can help to increase energy, boost confidence, and give you a beautiful scenery to observe. It is advised that seniors do not walk alone after night fall or during the wintertime. If you live near a mall, you might want to consider walking inside at those times. Walking even just three days a week can help to improve one’s health. When you are exercising it is important that you wear the proper clothing. You should always wear the correct footwear. If you are planning on walking, you should consider purchasing walking shoes and so on.

There are many other activities that people do not necessarily consider when trying to stay active. Many seniors love to play golf, not only will you burn calories, but you will also be having fun. Gardening is also a fun way to stay active and keep your residence looking good. Many doctors may recommend that you try parking your vehicle farther down a parking lot and walking longer. If you are physical able to climb stairs, they have more benefits than taking an elevator or escalator.

If you are interested in losing weight, you will need to combine healthy foods with the exercise. Most people will not begin to notice results right away; however, you should notice a boost in your energy levels. When people age their metabolism tends to slow down; however, proper diet and exercise can help boost it up.

Many Americans start on a diet or exercise plan; however, some will get board and just quit. If you have a friend or relative that is willing to exercise with you, do it! Exercising with a buddy will help keep your program going and will make the time fun. Seniors should check local senior centers for exercise classes or talk to other members about exercising together.

It is important that seniors exercise to stay healthy and fit. Just because you haven’t exercised in a few years, or more, does not mean that you cannot start now. It is advised that you notify your doctor and discuss any exercise or workout plans that you have before you start them. If you are exercising or doing other activities and you experience pain, you should contact your doctor immediately. Overweight seniors but their bodies at risk for many dangerous health problems. It is never to late to start exercising.

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