Policosanol and Cholesterol

If you are tired of fighting high cholesterol by eating oatmeal after oatmeal or taking medications like so many other alternative treatments, nature may have the solution. According to a number of Cuban doctors, Policosanol helps fight high cholesterol. Policosanol is a mixture of natural alcoholics derived from sugar cane wax that can significantly reduce bad cholesterol. Studies have shown that people who ate a cholesterol lowering diet for six weeks, then took a daily dose of Policosanol for 12 weeks not only reduced their bad cholesterol but increased “good” or HDL cholesterol. And the best part is that there were no negative side effects when taking the Policosanol.

People who took Policosanol and had high blood pressure, high cholesterol and no history of coronary heart disease had lower cholesterol levels, and when compared to known common drugs taken to reduce high cholesterol like pravastatin and lovastatin, Policosanol actually had better results in lowering cholesterol levels. More research is being done to prove the results of how Policosanol lowers bad cholesterol levels. However given the results of studies throughout the world, the sugar-derivate benefits of Policosanol, the lack of negative side effects, the outweighing advantages over known cholesterol drugs, Policosanol could be a very desirable supplement in the war against lowering cholesterol specifically bad cholesterol.

Policosanol is an up and coming supplement that more research will be done to ensure of its benefits in assisting high cholesterol levels. However in Cuba and Germany, results have been positive and Policosanol seems to be an alternative to medications. Policosanol is available in most nutritional stores in capsule form. So, if you are tired of eating bowl after bowl of oatmeal or cutting down on eggs, Policosanol may be your best alternative and practical solution in reducing high cholesterol levels.

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