Review of Norelco ReflexPlus 6423

I have – except for a few periods in which I’ve foolishly attempted to look older or more “mature” by growing a beard – been shaving regularly since I was in high school. And, except for a three-year period in which I owned and used a Remington Microscreen rechargable shaver, I’ve used Norelco electric razors for most of my adult life.

Now, I can and do shave with disposable razors, but I prefer electric razors because I have impaired dexterity and can’t avoid nicks and cuts no matter how careful I am. I don’t slash my face and neck badly, but even so, I still would rather shave without all the tedious preparation that “wet shaving” requires…softening up the whiskers with warm water, covering my face and neck with Barbasol shaving cream, and carefully attacking my beard with a Gillette Atra disposable razor and enduring the inevitable and sometimes painful nicks and cuts.

As of this writing, I own two Norelco-brand dry razors: the Norelco Micro 5625 X Electric Shaver, which I’ve owned for more than two years, and the ReflexPlus 6423 LC Electric Shaver, which I recently received as a birthday gift.

Although the older Micro 5625 X rechargable model is still operational, its Ni-Cad battery is beginning to show signs of “old age.” It takes 16 hours to properly recharge, and the battery drains a bit faster as time goes by. Where once one recharge gave my shaver enough “juice” for four or five three-minute shaving sessions, now I’m lucky to get two shaves a week, and sometimes I need to shave more than that.

Keeping that fact in mind, I decided to ask for a standard corded shaver for regular use and relegate the Micro 5625 X to the hurricane/power outage reserve duty. I didn’t want another rechargable unit, even though the cordless option does allow me to shave almost anywhere, whereas the ReflexPlus 6423 LC will “tie me down” to the bathroom or at least a room with a mirror and a power outlet nearby where I can shave.

Externally, the only difference between my two Norelco shavers is the color scheme (the rechargable one is red and black, while the ReflexPlus 6423 LC Electric Shaver is blue and black.) The basic design is a variation of the classic three-head design that Philips introduced over 30 years ago, with an ergonomic handle, an on/off switch, a razor head assembly which houses the three independent floating heads, and a full-width pop-up trimmer. The patented Reflex Action Shaving System aligns the rotating blades so that they are closer to my skin, which results in a definitely close and comfortable shave. The blades actually “pull” on facial and neck hairs in the now-famous “lift and cut” move.

Although shaving with the ReflexPlus 6423 LC Electric Shaver is easy and safer than with a disposable razor, there are still a few things you have to remember if you are to get a close and comfortable shave. First, you have to shave against the grain of your beard, using both circular and straight motions. Second, you need to “pull” or stretch your skin with the hand not holding the razor so the “lift and cut” action can work properly. Don’t press the razor too closely or too hard against your face and neck – as the heads will inevitably pinch your skin.

However, if you follow the instructions and shave regularly, the results are amazing. You’ll get close and clean shaves with a minimum of hassle and (hopefully) no pain or discomfort.

Fortunately, my skin is already used to Norelco products, so when I gave my new shaver its trial run today, it didn’t have an adverse effect on my face and neck. First time users may need a period of 21 days or so till their skin gets used to the razor; according to the manual, it is a fact that your skin and beard need time to adjust to any new shaving system.

You should use the cleaning brush after each use and at least once a month “deep clean” the heads and cutting blades in a bit of alcohol. You should also replace the razor heads once every year with the HQ55Plus Replacement Heads for the best razor performance.

From the Norelco Website:

Patented Reflex Action(R) System
Adjusts to every curve on your face for flexible, smoother shaving.
Individually Floating Heads
Align the razor-sharp blades closer to your skin for exceptional closeness.
Unique Lift and Cut? Technology
with Stainless Steel blades. Dual blade system gently lifts hair to cut below skin level.
Full-Width Pop-Up Trimmer
Defines and shapes moustache and sideburns.
Hair Collection Chamber
Captures shaven hairs.
60-Day Money-Back Guarantee
If you’re not fully satisfied with your Norelco product within 60 days of purchase, all you have to do is return it and we’ll refund the full purchase price.
Full Two-Year Warranty
Your Norelco product comes with full two-year warranty.

Product Specifications On/Off Button : Yes
Power System Power System : Corded Operation Worldwide Voltage : Automatic; 100 to 240 AC V
Includes Pouch : Travel/Storage
Protective Razor Head Cap
Power Cord
Cleaning Brush
Accessories (sold separately) Replacement Heads Model # : HQ55PLUS

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