How to Give Your Partner a Relaxing Massage

It’s no wonder, with the fast-paced world we live in, that most people are looking for effectual ways to unwind, chill out, relax, and de-stress. Relaxing body massages, which are typically given by a licensed Massage Therapist, are a great way to loosen tight muscles. However, unless you have the time and the finances to afford such luxurious treatments, these aren’t a viable option for helping de-stress. Most health insurance plans don’t cover relaxing massages either. However, what you can do is to learn how to give your partner a relaxing massage. And, maybe he or she will return the favor so you can both be relaxed and chilled out.

To give a relaxing massage, your partner should remove their clothing down to their underwear. They’ll need to lie down on a rather flat, hard surface. A bed or couch might be suitable if either piece of furniture isn’t too soft. Check with your partner to make sure they are comfortable before you begin to give them a massage.

You should have a few different types of body oils to use for your partner’s relaxing massage. You may choose to use herbal oils such as Lavender or Chamomile. Both of these have calming properties. Or, you may choose to use some oils just because they smell good. Check your local drugstore or healthfood store for some oils.

The purpose of the oils is two-fold. They smell good and they reduce the friction between your hands and your partner’s skin. If you use aromatherapy oils, they can also help to quiet your partner’s mood too.

Start the relaxing massage by pouring a small bit of oil in the palm of one hand. Then, gently rub your hands together to warm the oil with your body heat. (Before you start each new step of the massage, you should pour a little more oil into your hand and warm it before you move on.)

Gently massage your partner’s forehead, temples, and cheeks. But don’t get any of the oil in their eyes or mouth. Oils such as Menthol will actually open up clogged nasal passages. Rubbing their temples in light rotations will help relieve tension and stress.

Now, start at his or her neck and the tops of their shoulders. Gently rub their shoulders back and forth, then up and down to release tension and stress. Work your way clear to their neck muscles. Because this is a relaxing massage, don’t rub too hard or apply too much pressure. It should be just enough pressure so they can feel their muscles loosening up.

After you have massaged your partner’s neck and shoulders thoroughly by rubbing, change the direction of your fingers and hands by moving them in circular motions.

Move on down to their arms and repeat the relaxing massage. Rub their arms, hands, and yes, even their fingers! Massaging their hands and fingers will help the blood flow (circulation).

The next area of their body you’ll want to work on is their back. Pour a generous amount of the oil in your hand because a person’s back is the largest area of skin to cover generally. After you’ve warmed the oil, start to give your partner a relaxing massage by placing your hands flat on the middle of their back. Massage that area up and down. Reach clear up to their neck and clear down to their lower back to relax them.

Once you have massaged the middle of their back, move on to the rest of their back. Use your fingers and hands and circular motions to relieve the tension and stress from their muscles.

Now, move down to their legs. Massage each leg, one at a time. Work your way down to their feet- tops only, please, to avoid tickling them- and rub each toe individually. Massage both sides of the legs in order to relax your partner. If the skin on their feet is dry and rough, use a little more oil to soften them up.

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