How to Persuade People to Eat Healthy

Whatever we choose to it is usually because of our habits instead of health preferences. We get used to enjoying our usual choices. It can be difficult to alter somebody’s eating routine because old habits die hard. It may take a lot of effort to convince people to eat healthy, but it is essential for the person’s health. You cannot see your friends going on a destructive path by eating unhealthy and destroying their body. Make them show that eating healthy can be just as tasteful and easily doable. If one is eating nutritious food, it will reduce the risk of many diseases and will improve your well being. If you have the right information and tact, you can convince them to eat right.


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    Inform them about healthy eating in a very neutral way. Share your knowledge about what’s essential for a healthy diet. Tell them what they should be consuming: fruits, vegetables, proteins, nuts etc. Also point out junk food that is usually consumed: sodas, sugary items, white breads, crisps etc that is bad for health. Show by example: eat healthy yourself to prove how easy and beneficial it is. If you eat together, he/she will learn from you and it will increase his/her knowledge too. Tell them about how healthy eating has been beneficial for you. Discuss the betterment in your figure, activeness, daily productivity etc.  Also inform how your medical history has improved. Give her examples of someone you both know, whose health has been affected by bad eating habits.

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    Convince the person to seek help from a doctor regarding the foods that should be consumed and which should be omitted. A doctor can give a better insight on how to follow a healthy diet. Refer a good nutritionist and encourage him/her to make an appointment. A nutritionist can give them a personalized diet plan according to eating habits. Also take feedback of the appointments to keep a check on them.

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    Some people have the fear of healthy food as they think it’s bland and tasteless. Take out that fear by going out with them to eat and helping them in deciding what to order. Another good idea would be to cook some dishes yourself for her to taste. Give her some recipes and show her how to make healthy meals in less time. If they understand that it does not take a lot of time, they are more likely to cook themselves.

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