Five Businesses You Can Quickly Start at Home

There are lots of people who have gone from factory working or desk jobs to start a successful home business. The reason many home businesses fail, though, is that they quickly add up accounts payable without the appropriate accounts receivable monies. There are, however, some businesses you can start quickly, with little effort or investment.

Busy parents still love throwing great parties for their children’s birthdays but sometimes they simply don’t have the time to make all the arrangements. Many parents are turning to the services of small companies that can pull it altogether for them. Order an assortment of samples to show the customers, and put together an impressive notebook of what all you offer. Check locally to see if you can find clowns, circus animals for rent (in cages), or bands. Order the supplies, like plates, napkins and cups only after the customer books the party and places a deposit. That way, you don’t have a lot of money and space tied up to store the goods. Rent or buy a helium tank to do balloon arrangements yourself. Go online to find suppliers of mylar balloons, ribbon, party supplies and novelty gifts. Offer anniversary party packages, holiday parties, graduation affairs and more.

The plant rental business is all the rage because very few business owners know how to take great care of their plants. If you’re good with plants this is the perfect business. Restaurants, bowling alleys, insurance companies, and other operations frequently feature plants to draw the customers’ attention, but after placing them in their establishment they find the plants often won’t acclimate or simply don’t live. Purchase plants from a local greenhouse or grow them yourself, but take pictures and put them in an album to show customers. Also take pictures of plants, after you’ve hung them in someone’s business, so others can see your impressive work. Order plant hangers and baskets online or check your local discount stores for ones that look nice but aren’t too expensive. Don’t spend a bunch of money and space storing supplies, though. Purchase the plants when needed for a job.

Who doesn’t love t-shirts? They’re sold by the millions in our country and it’s a lucrative business for concerts, flea market sales, and swap meets. Spray-on dye, shirt paints and iron-on transfers make it easy to create tons of different designs. Personalizing shirts is easy, too, by using shirt paints to write someone’s name or business on their shirt. Purchase t-shirts by the dozens to save money. Go online and you’ll find many places that sell t-shirts by the lot.

Are you good at arranging scrapbooks? Scrapbook-making is very popular right now but some people don’t have the time or the talent for making them for their own families. Many people will pay to have someone arrange their family photos in attractive books and add embellishments. Again, don’t pour money into supplies but purchase them as you are retained for your work. Make an area where you can work and store all the supplies to make it easy to find everything. Organization is everything in the scrapbook business. They also have online scrapbooks now, so if you’re good with a computer and this sounds interesting to you, have a look at some of the sites that let you set up your photos in unique ways – all online.

The cleaning business will never go out of business. People need homes cleaned because they’re too busy working to do it themselves. People need businesses cleaned so they can make the best impression on their customers. Men or women can enter the cleaning business without any problem. If you know how to clean, you’re in business! You’ll mainly need a good vacuum, carpet cleaner, brooms and mops, and a vehicle or two. You don’t have to do the work yourself, either – hire it out to minimum wage workers then give raises to those who work well. They’ll stay with you and make your business profitable.

If you’ve long wanted to quit your current job, and get into something you can do from home, there are many businesses you can start without much money. Consider one of the above or do take a talent of yours and turn it into a business. You’ll love your newfound freedom from time clocks and daily traffic jams.

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