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When I first started writing for Associated Content I followed all the advice I could find on ways to help increase my clout, and most of the advice was the same no matter where I looked – send your associated content link to family and friends, send your associated content link to your opt-in mailing lists, advertise your associated content link on the message boards, etcâÂ?¦ Since I had just joined Associated Content I followed the advice, and now my clout is at six. It has been a couple months and my clout has not moved, so I started asking myself, “what else can I do to bring more page views to my articles at Associated Content.” Then one day the answer came to me – just recently actually – and today I’m going to share the answer with you.

At this time, my clout is still at six, and there’s no way to know how many views I’ve received since I started my new method of advertising. However, I know from the responses I’ve received (I’ll explain this in a minute so you’ll know what I mean) that I am getting views, and it should only be a matter of time until my clout goes up another number.

All the other methods Associated Content and others recommend will still work and you should not discontinue doing them, but add my new method and you should find that your clout may increase. What I have come up with is a contest. Here’s how it worksâÂ?¦ Pick one of the articles you’ve written for Associated Content, and from that article create three or four questions (similar to a trivia). Make sure the questions you create cannot be found by searching the Internet. In other words, try using an opinion that you wrote in the article, not facts that can be found on the Internet. Next, find a prize that relates to the article you wrote (something in your budget). This will be the prize you giveaway to one person. Advertise the contest on your Web site, to your family and friends, in message boards, through a press release and etc… When advertising the contest, make sure there’s a link to the contest details, and in those details tell those who visit that they have to answer a few questions, and be sure to mention that the only place the answers can be found is in your article.

Finally, make sure there’s a link to the article you wrote on Associated Content in those contest details. The visitor will have to view your article at Associated Content (giving that article page views) for the answers. Make sure to have a form for the visitor to submit. Your entry form should have the questions and the visitor will enter the answers into the form’s fields. Your form should also ask for the visitors’ name, e-mail (so you can notify him/her if he/she won), address (so you can send the prize) and any other information you want to collect. Tell the visitor that in order for them to be entered into the contest they must give the correct answers, and let them know you will notify them via e-mail to tell them if they were entered. Be sure you set a deadline and drawing date for your contest.

For your contest, you can also tell the visitor they will receive an extra entry for the number of people they refer to your contest (have a field on your form asking for the referral’s name). Here’s an example of how you can address this information to the person you’re soliciting for referrals:

Dear (Contestant’s Name),
Would you like to increase your chances of winning the prize? All you have to do is refer as many people as you like to this contest, and for each person you refer you will receive another entry into the contest. Let’s say you refer five people to my contest, then your name will be placed into the hat five times – on top of the entry you already have – giving you a total of six entries. But wait, it doesn’t end there! Tell the people you’re referring that they will also get an extra chance at the prize by mentioning your name as the referral on the entry form (this is how I will know you sent them). Sound good to you? I thought so. Here’s the link to send your referrals to: There’s no limit on the number of people you can send, and remember, you will get an extra entry for each person you send. Good luck!

Warmest Regards,
Your name here
The link to your articles at Associated Content here

I’m sure by now you’re wondering what on earth you could give away as a prize. Here are a few suggestions: If you’re article at Associated Content is related to babies you could give away a diaper bag, baby bottles, baby blankets, a baby quilt or etcâÂ?¦ If you’ve written a review you can give away a copy of the book, CD, video or etcâÂ?¦ that you wrote the review on. If you’ve written on a reality T.V. show you can give something away from that program (CD or video for example). Got the hang of it? If not then contact me through Associated Content and tell me the link to the article you want to draw traffic to, also tell me your budget for the prize, and I’ll see if I can help you choose a prize.

If you’d like to see an example of a contest you can view the one I’m currently running at, and feel free, if you’re an American Idol fan to enter for your chance to win.

I hope you found this article helpful. Let me know if it helps your clout after you’ve run your contest. Remember one thing, deliver what you promise!

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