The Magic of Good Customer Service

One of the most important points of contact between the customer and the retail store happens at the cash register at the checkout counter. Many retail outlets find it too expensive to train employees, but if you remember the following, you will seem as though you have been trained.

In order to have the customer leave with a good feeling about the store, and therefore return to spend more money, the cashier needs to remember to do all of the following things:

1.Greet the customer with a smile, and a friendly statement like “Did you find everything today?” or just “How are you doing today?”

2.Be sure that all of the bills in your drawer are smoothed out and green back down, left side forward.

3.Put all of the nasty, wrinkled old bills under the drawer so that they will be sent on to the bank, who will take them out of circulation. Do NOT give these to your customer.

4.Bleed the drawer down. All checks go under the drawer at the end of the transaction. All bills over $20 go under the drawer then, too. You should keep your drawer down to about ten of each bill, $1 to $20.

5.Name the dollar amount the customer gives you as you accept it from him.

6.Leave the bill on the register shelf until the transaction is completed.

7.Count the money back into the customer’s hand.

8.Give the customer the receipt for the merchandise.

9.Place the money in the register and close it.

10.Smile warmly, thank him for his business, and say goodbye.

Practice and remember the above.

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