Five Dog-Gone Great Home Based Businesses

Over the last few years the pet industry has become extremely profitable. If you have been considering a home based business and your four legged friend is a beloved member of your family you might very well want to consider start a pet related home based business for yourself. The following five businesses will get your creative ideas flowing and maybe one will be the perfect choice for your home business endeavor.

More and more pet owners and becoming more conscious about what types of food and treats their pets are eating. Deciding to start a home based king homemade dog treats would be an excellent way to supply customers demand for healthy treats for their favorite four legged friends. It would be possible to markets this type of business a few ways. You could either sell prepared treats, mixes so the customer could prepare the treats or a combination of both. Once your business takes off you can expand your product line to include treats for cats, horses, birds and other pets.

A great Service based pet related home based business would be obedience training. You could either conduct training classes in groups or do individual sessions. As far as pricing goes you could either charge by the hour or by the class.

If you are looking for an online business related to pets either one of the following two ideas would be perfect for you.

Many pet owners find it hard to find homes or apartments to rent as well as vacation destinations that are pet friendly. Starting an online directory of pet accessible rentals and vacation spots would be a much welcomed service. You could charge clients a set fee for a telephone or email consultation or charge small fee per lead.

Another great online pet related home based business would be an online breeder’s directory. You could charge monthly or yearly rates to breeders interested in being listed in your directory. You could create breeders directories for dogs, cats, birds, horses or possibly more exotic animals.

With either one of these business ideas you can offer advertising and join affiliate programs that compliment the content of your site to create additional streams of income for you home based business.

Many pet owners feel bad leaving their faithful furry (or feathered) friend alone while they are gone working long hours or on vacation. Starting a pet sitting business is a perfect answer to this demand. You can visit people’s houses while they are away and feed and water the animals and make sure they get the exercise and companionship that they need. A similar version this business would be a pet day care. Owners would drop off their pets before they went to work or to run their errands and pick them up when they finish.

Good luck with whichever new business endeavor you select!

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