Free Resume Builder?……NOT!

There is a scam on the job-seeking market and you should know who the perpetrator is. is that company. It came up in the search on the first page, the second spot for a “free resume builder”. I followed all the prompts, noting how detailed this resume would be. It asked about experience in numerous fields of business, with dozens of questions about details of education, experience, and job interest. To the tune of 35 minutes building this “wonderful” resume and along the way they have a window that pops up and says they have 351 jobs that you fit the description for. The next screen tells you that your resume is now built. But to do anything with it; download it, print it, send it to someone- you must pay a minimum of $18.94. But they have just the right package for you, the Ultimate Jobseeker, for the low, low price of $87.95. Saving you $147.49. Wow, what a savings. You thought you were getting it for free, and now you are told that you don’t get it for free, you build it for free. THEN you pay.

They have a live chat, for help with your resume and job-recruiting endevour. I went on the chat and asked their representative why the deception. She said that building the resume is free…no one ever told you that you could actually have the resume you built. Awww, what was I thinking? I actually thought I could have the resume for free, not just fill in all the blanks for practice.

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