Five Easy Mobile Home Maintenance and Improvement Tips

Owning a transportable home is a very cost efficient way to acquire a comfy home. You spend a lot on a smaller amount per square feet than if you were to buy a conventional home, and you still enjoy comparable splendor, style, and comfort with the benefits of any other type home ownership and hopefully these tips will help you to achieve that.

Cleaning the Exterior

When cleaning the outside of your mobile residence you may want to rent or purchase a standard power washer. When power washing your mobile home make sure you follow the instructions that come with it or you could find yourself getting hurt or injure yourself also make sure you inquire about cleaning produces for it and extension handles that may come with it.

Water Stains

Mending a water stain in mobile homes ceiling can be very difficult task and Ceiling tiles can sometimes be incredibly tricky to replace. Faux painting techniques can camouflage the stain and is often easier, and the many products that are available help you do this quickly. Always lightly sand the area you are painting, wash it thoroughly and use a good stain blocking primer before you paint. Look for quick to dry formulas and ones that can be tinted to match the color of paint you will be using for the top coat. It is a good idea to prime the whole ceiling and not just the stained area before painting it.

Mobile Home Retailers

A lot of do it yourself home repair retailers carry items and products that can be used in a mobile residence, some items you are better off getting in a specialty supply store that cater to mobile homes. If you don’t have one locally you can always find them on the internet or call one for the local yellow page that is nearby and they usually can have the item you’re looking for delivered.

Replacing Fixtures

If you need to replace a faucet, doorknob or some other type of fixture in your mobile house you can usually find what you need at most home repair stores but remember to always measure the holes they were in and even bring the old fixture with you to the store. If you can’t find what you’re looking for at local hardware shop you will be able to find them a mobile home retailer store. Also remember to check if the fixture you’re replacing requires any special size or type of nuts, bolts or screws.

Corner Tub Curtains

If your mobile home has a corner tub and you need a shower curtain you may have a little trouble, as that most shower curtains measure to fit a standard sized tub of 72″ x 72″. But try not to worry, just measure your tub across and by one that is slightly larger than your actual measurements, if you still can’t find on you could use two smaller ones or special order the correct size through a mobile home retailer store.

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