How to Build a Home Theater Room in Your Home

Since the very first projection units began to show up in homes, there has been a single clarion call echoing throughout the venerated halls of homeowners. All want to know just how to build a home theater. Beyond the actual equipment purchase, there is much that goes into building a home theater. You must have a room, for instance, that you can completely darken. Without a good dark room, building a home theater is somewhat defeating the purpose of having a good place to watch your movies, whether they be standard DVD or High Definition. Neither will matter with a reflection bouncing off the screen. How to build a home theater is rather simple, however, when you take away the notion that you have to have a contractor to build your home theater. With enough willingness, you can do it yourself, and save enough cash on the project to move up your screen size and quality, perhaps even going so far as to soundproof the room to prevent your children’s late-night sleepovers from interfering with your sleep!

The first consideration you must see in building your home theater room is to find a suitable room for it. If you will be using the room by yourself or even with just a few friends, it is quite possible to transform an extra bedroom into the perfect sized home theater room. A smaller home theater room also negates the need to utilize large components, making a smaller, more affordable flat screen monitor plenty big enough to fill the home theater room with bright, vibrant color. If the room has only one window, than your task is easier than if it had several sources of light. Go to your local hardware store, and purchase some light blocking shades for your home theater room. You’ll want heavy, dark curtains, as well, and make certain that when you buy the light blocking shade, it fits the inner window opening as tightly as possible. Some even include magnets that attach to the window sash to completely seal out all light. These generally run in the neighborhood of $25+, so be prepared to pay for quality.

Your next consideration in how to build a home theater is the seating. Installing authentic theater seating on a tiered floor might sound like a good idea, but in actuality, the basement home theater you want to build just might diminish the value of your home, particularly if you have made permanent changes to one of the major rooms of the house. This will be less of a concern in larger homes, as there will be plenty of other rooms in which a family can put a baby’s nursery, but in smaller homes with just three bedrooms and no basement, the decision to install a full-blown home theater just isn’t cost-effective, and adds nothing to the home that is resellable. Instead, consider simply purchasing matching couches that you can set up in rows in front of the screen. This makes for a much more luxurious home theater experience with the additional benefit of being removable should you ever decide to move.

The next step in building your home theater is to install the fun stuff. Your home theater won’t be complete without a movie-theater style popcorn maker, or to put an adult spin on a soda fountain, a keg cooler or refrigerator stocked with your favorite tasty adult beverages. Decorate your home theater room with a few carefully chosen movie posters in frames, and then all you’ve got left to do is to purchase your home theater outfit. It really couldn’t be any easier!

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