Five GREAT Ways to Help Those in Need..


There are people out there who are in need of items such as clothing and food. There are parents who can’t afford toys at Christmas time. There are people who are sick and cannot pay their medical bills. There are also people out there who need blood in order to stay alive. Here are just five ways that you yourself can make a difference in someone’s life.

Way Number One…
Everyone cleans out their closets and dressers sometimes. We get rid of the clothes that are too small or that have faded a bit. We discard things that we don’t want just because we don’t want them. The next time you clean out your closets or dressers consider donating the clothing and accessories to your local thrift store. There are people who can not purchase clothing at department stores and such because they cannot afford to. At a thrift store they can buy used clothing for a very low cost. Also, check to see if you can find your local clothing bank. A clothing bank is a place that gives donated clothing to those who really need it for free.

Way Number Two…
Every family deserves a good meal on the table for dinner. Sadly though, many families cannot afford to make good meals. Food is expensive and sometimes people go without more than you’d know. Just about every community has a food pantry for town or county residents in need. A food pantry provides hungry families with food at no cost. Most of the time the food pantry is run out of a church by volunteers from the congregation. However, anyone can volunteer to help. If everyone made a small contribution to every food pantry there would not be such a need for donations to food pantries. Even a little bit can help, a lot.

Way Number Three…
Could you imagine not having Christmas presents for your children on Christmas morning? Sadly, many families don’t imagine it but rather experience it each year. There are many programs where volunteers can provide a family with an enjoyable and happy Christmas. The volunteers purchase several items per member of the family they have been selected to provide for. You can find out more information about the programs in your area through your local school or doctor’s office. This may cost a little money to you, but it will mean so much to a family who would other wise go without.

Way Number Four…
Attend local benefits. Every so often you’ll see a flyer for a benefit being thrown for someone who is ill. Many times it is a child who is ill. These benefits are thrown to raise money medical bills and other expenses that cannot be paid. Families want and need as many people to come as possible. They are desperate. They need help. Attending a benefit is a wonderful way to help out someone in need. These people really need all the help they can get.

Way Number Five…
Anyone can check the little spot on the back of their drivers license to be an organ donor, just like nearly every adult person can donate blood. There are tons of people out there that will not live without a blood transfusion. They are mothers, fathers, and children. They are sisters and brothers or aunts and uncles to someone. They would surely die if people did not donate blood. Donating blood could help your community, or even go to someone who has suffered a natural disaster. Where ever it goes it will help someone greatly. People can not live without blood and many people do rely on transfusions. Others are injured so badly that they have lost so much of their own blood they must have a transfusion. DO the right thing, give blood!

There are several ways that you can help those who are in need. I have given you five great ones. Your help can really make a difference in some ones life. It could even save some ones life.

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