Five Great Marketing Websites

This is a brief article to notify you of five websites I have found that will help you in your research of target markets the following sites are free or they offer some free information. The following will assist you in creating a very informative information system; each site offers a wide range of information that is relevant to both marketing and the beverage industry. These sites will help you to understand who your market is and the best way to reach them.

The First Site is;
This site offers food service specific beverage trends, Information on the volume of wine and sprits sold as well as imported and domestic beers. It offers a free subscription to there quarterly magazine. They also offer food and beverage reports, sales of spirits in each sub sector, new product introductions and the number of new products. Finally they offer Industry listings and product guides as well as links to archived issues. This information is useful because it allows us to get a glimpse of how many alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages have been sold in the past 10 years. It allows us to research specific beverage trends so that we may no what type of product to create. It lists the top 100 beverage companies this allows us to know whom are competition is so that we may find a way to out sell them. All in all the information from this site will help you to better understand the market, our competitors and the consumers.

The Second Site is;
This site offers various data and statistics related to non-alcoholic beverages. Such as top beverage companies, Types of consumers and age ranges there information is dated from 1996-2004. This information is also helpful in allowing us to determine the best way to reach your consumers, as well as what type of product you should or should not create.

The Third Site is;
This site offers the following resources, Links to free and fee based publications related to the non-alcoholic beverage industry as well diversity information relating to the number of unique product and buyers and the different companies. It offers a list of the different varieties of products already on the market. There is also an article titled “What is America Drinking. This article lists and explains the different trends in the beverage industry, from flavored waters, to energy drinks and organic juices. This sites information is useful to because it gives an inside look at what America wants to drink, how they want it to taste look and feel, and what effect they do or do not want it to have on there bodies.

The Fourth Site is;
This site is useful because it offers links to free and fee based research sites and publications, it offers an extensive marketing library, as well an Industry event calendar, legislative articles, Market research discussion boards and news and stock information. I believe that this site is one of the more useful sites. I say this because it helps in the development of a training program for new and old marketing executives. There marketing library and discussion boards help us to refresh there knowledge of marketing and introduce them to new terms and techniques. The site also offers a massive list of websites with various types of relevant information such as demographics, trends and legal issues and stock quotes. This site can help you to create an even larger and more fruitful information system. Some of the sites I located through this site were;,,, as well as several others. Each of the following sites offer information that is free and fee-based and there libraries are extensive.

The Fifth Site is;
The site offers information on ways to appeal to specific target markets. It also offers suggestions on the best ideas for marketing strategies. It offers some trends research as well as some legal information. This site is helpful because it will help you to develop a plan that will reach your target market and inspire them to purchase your product.

The following sites are a mere snapshot of the millions of websites available that can help you to create a massive information system. I am merely offering these sites as a starting point. Each site offers information that will help you to determine the different market trends, the best way to target market, legal information, competition, consumers and much, much more. It is important to develop an information system early on during the development of a new product so that you will be better able to determine what type of products should be created. It will also help you to determine the best market to seek out and the best way to get in touch with them.

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