How to Spot Political Marketing

Political marketing is a tool for political candidates to influence individuals or consumers about their political agendas, and addressing them on various public related matters. Moreover it is a starting place for politicians to provide others an insight on their campaign, and market their concepts and ideas in a bid to gain the general public’s support.

The technique is very similar to any other form of marketing, but rather than promoting a particular service or product, the political candidate tries to sell his or her strategy to gain an individual’s trust in the form of his/her vote. Spotting this form of marketing is usually a straight forward exercise, due to the uniqueness of the subject. The political candidates will use the same tools of marketing to endorse their campaign – logos, posters, tv, radio, – and will take upon themselves to sell their idea by organizing political rallies, speeches etc.


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    Like most companies, politicians distinguish themselves by signs or party logos. They will have a distinct logo and a tag line which allows them to differentiate their agendas and interests from those of other political candidates. The politician tries to brand himself or build a reputation in the masses to ensure popular appeal and maximum votes. For example, Senator John McCain resorted to calling himself a maverick politician to assure consumers that he has no political agenda of his own and simply aims to spread values of equality among the countrymen.

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    The political market will function differently by using consumer attracting techniques similar to those in conventional marketing.

    The political candidate is the product, which is further looked upon as a hope for change and success.

    People want product satisfaction, and the concept in political marketing refers to a change in people’s perspective, and a general approval. Here, people won’t pay anything in return as they are not buying the product but will be giving approval and acceptance to an idea.

    While consumers will need general information about a product, this will be provided by the political candidate where he/she will refer to his or her own history and his/her future goals.

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    Target market

    For politicians the target market will not only be based on geography, but will be dependent on traditions, customs, expectations and preferences. This way a political player has the power to go against a law or a policy and have international support.

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