Tips to Get Likes on Your Facebook Fan Page

Business users often describe people who like their Facebook page as “fans”. Businesses love it when their Facebook posts get fans liking, commenting and sharing the posts with their friends. As your fans do this, your posts reach more users’ news feeds more frequently. Working to have your posts liked more may mean some work for you, but there are some not-so-secret ideas about earning more Facebook likes.

Is your post visually appealing? Text-only posts or links are good, but fans are more likely to like or share a post that contains a video or some photos. Many brands currently publish posts that are less likely to be shared than they hope. This is due mainly to these often being link-only posts (“Visit our website for the latest news”). Photos and videos are MUCH more likely to be shared. They grab people’s attention.

Tell stories. Now you’re thinking visually, can you tell your brand’s story? Is there an interesting angle behind a product’s arrival at market? Has your logo changed over time? Are your sales growing? It’s quite easy to create a slideshow (about the logo’s evolution, for example) and present it with a commentary and music that represents your brand. Videos need not be difficult to create.

Avoid over self-promotion. On social media, it’s easy to get a bit full of oneself: “Look how great we are! Buy our super products now!” This quickly becomes too much for users. If you want more likes, talk about services as well as products.

Be genuine: It is perfectly fine to promote yourself on Facebook, but make sure that’s not all you do. The best thing you can do is to write authentically. Be genuine in what you say. Don’t try to be something you’re not.

Be funny: If you can make someone laugh, they may well like you more. If they like you, they may well Facebook-like you too.

Timing: It is important to consider when and how often you create your Facebook updates. You need to post when the people you want to reach – your audience – can read your latest update. You need to test to find out what time period works best for your audience. Is it between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM? Are most of your fans at work, so would a different time period be better? Also, if you post too often and start annoying your fans, they may start hiding your posts from their news feeds, so you end up failing to reach them.

Competitions and Promotions: There are many ways to run competitions. To maximize the volume of likes you get, consider using a ‘like gate’. A like gate is essentially a screen that overlays (or hides) the content of the page (where your competition details are) and forces the user to like your page to expose what’s behind the screen – to access the competition details. The prize should be something relevant to your business. Like gates are quite easy to set up; there’s plenty of online information about them.

Market your Facebook presence: Facebook and other social networks should be a significant and important part of your business communication effort, so make sure you let people know about your online life. Include it in your marketing! Not just advertisement, but also email signatures, business cards, in-store posters, vehicle advertising, brochures, etc. All of these should include something that directs people to your presence on Facebook. For more information on suggestions from Facebook on how to use their logo in your marketing, see

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