Five Great Ways to Wear Leggings – Fall Fashion’s Must-Have Accessory

Yet another product of the eighties, leggings have come full force back into the fashion trends of today. Designer heavyweights Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, and Chloe (among many others) included the fad in their fall runway collections, making the trend bigger than ever.

Still a little confused on how to wear them? Surprisingly enough, this fad is more useful than you may think; so before you dig out your oversized sweater with linebacker shoulder pads, take the following suggestions into account.

Modernize your skirts. Pairing your leggings with your favorite denim mini is probably the most popular style choice of the season-but why would a fashionista like yourself want to stick to the norm? Instead, add an extra flair to a conservative pleated skirt by pulling on a pair of calf-length leggings.

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Skip the tights. From the annoying, uncomfortable toes to the constant runs, tights and panty hose are a constant aggravation to any woman. Though your grandmother put up with wearing them for years, you certainly don’t have to. Slip your favorite black boots over dark grey leggings; everyone will be jealous and no one will know the difference.

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Get more use out of your favorite summer dress. The end of summer normally marks the end of dress season; however, you shouldn’t have to surrender a piece of clothing you love just because of the change of weather. Consequently, leggings serve as the perfect compromise to the cooler season. Wear them under your favorite frock with a pair of platforms and voila!

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Spice up your gym attire. Not comfortable enough to wear shorts out to the public gym? No problem, just slip a pair of athletic shorts over solid black leggings. Not only will you be more comfortable, especially if you play a lot of sports where you’re constantly moving, you’ll notice leggings are a lot lighter (and cheaper) than most workout gear.

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Show off a new tunic. Sure, longer tops are huge this fall season, but why stick with the same old boring look of throwing one over jeans? Instead, make your favorite tunic pop by wearing it with a pair of thicker leggings and heels.

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Still wondering if you can pull off these looks? Find an old pair of opaque tights and cut off the feet. Try them on with one of the above suggestions and see what you think; if you like what you see, invest in a thicker pair of solid black leggings.

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