Five Maintenance Tips for Your Copper Bathtub

A copper bathtub is one of the most expensive types you can buy. If you pay all of that money, you will want to know how to maintain it correctly. This article will give you a few maintenance tips for your copper bathtub.


Cleaning your copper bathtub is very simple. You just have to use a mild detergent in combination with warm water. You should also make sure you rinse the detergent afterwards. The cloth you use to clean your copper bathtub should be made from very soft material, such as flannel.


There are certain types of cleaning agents that you should never use on your copper bathtub. You should never use any form of degreaser or any corrosive cleaners. Ammonia or acid-based cleaners should also never be used on your copper bathtub. Abrasive scrubbers such as steel wool will scratch the copper, so you should never use them to clean the tub.

Mineral Deposits

You will need to perform additional maintenance on your copper bathtub if you live in an area that has water with a high mineral content. The water will leave behind minerals that will form deposits in the tub. If you have this type of water, you will need to wipe your copper bathtub dry each time you use it. This will prevent mineral deposits from damaging the finish.


You should periodically wax your copper bathtub to give it extra protection. You can use a high quality wax that is made for plumbing fixtures. You should definitely use wax for your copper bathtub if your water has a high mineral content, because it will help prevent deposits from forming. The frequency with which you should wax the tub varies. When you notice that the water doesn’t bead on the surface of the tub anymore, it’s definitely time to give it another coat of wax.

Bath Water

Certain substances that are commonly added to your bath water may be harmful to your copper bathtub. You will need to check with the manufacturer of the tub to see a specific list of things you shouldn’t add. Lemon is usually one of the most harmful things you can add to your water if you have a copper bathtub.

These are a few tips for maintaining your copper bathtub. Simply use a mild detergent and warm water to clean it. Make sure you dry your bathtub completely after each use if you live in an area with high mineral content.

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