Five Places to Find a Welder in Raleigh

Finding a welder who does the kind of work you need done can be a chore. Welding is used across a broad range of activities from recreational welding, art, auto repair, security fencing and industrial/commercial applications.

In the industrial and construction arena you can find:

Gregory Poole Equipment Co
4807 Beryl Rd
Raleigh, NC
(800) 447-3114


This would be a good place to find a large firm that has the capacity to handle a broad range a large size welding projects.

Some years back, I worked in a shipyard in Maine where they build Cruisers and Destroyers for the U.S. Navy. When they first began building the ships, they were all build with steel. This required a certain type of welding, which many of the trade workers became quite proficient.

As the program went along; the Navy wanted faster, roomier and quieter ships to meet the constantly changing needs of modern combat. This was particularly true after we got to a glimpse of what modern missiles can do to large, slow steel ships in Britton’s war with Argentina.

Argentina lost the war, yet inflicted extraordinary casualties on the British Navy. In part due to the high profile large steel ships present to a missile.

As a result the Navy ordered that most of the new ships be made with Aluminum hulls. It is lighter, thinner and apparently allows them to do things to reduce its radar imagine that a steel ship won’t.

In order to accommodate this change, all the welders that wanted to work on the new ships had to learn a whole new way of welding. This was a massive industrial welding application.

I’m not sure anyone around Raleigh would have been large enough to handle that welding job, though I am sure some of the newly proposed buildings in downtown may be in the same size range plus the need for a foundation.

Other welding in the Raleigh area falls into the fabrication area. This is a pretty broad area which basically means the welder has the capacity to work with raw stock in one or more metal to fabricate something new. It could be a decorative thing, like an iron fence. Or it could be the metal parts for a motorcycle. It could be a combination of these things. Generally, if it is something specific like a motorcycle they will not advertise except for people who want the specific product of they work on.

Another Raleigh welder is:

G& S Iron Designs
2100 Garner Rd
Raleigh, NC 27610
(919) 828-8884

Those who weld decorative things like wrought iron fences fall into a category close to the artist yet are also involved in practical, down to earth applications. A well designed fence can be both functional in providing security and ornamental with intricate design. Whether the welder sees himself/herself is as more of an artist or a builder is really up to them.

One place that might be of assistance is:

Decorative Iron Work
8116 Fayetteville Rd
Raleigh, NC
(919) 772-1430

If none of these fine folks can help you here are two additional organizations that have a bent for welding:

Aacapital City Welding
3207 N New Hope Rd, Raleigh, NC
(919) 872-1345


Johnson’s Welding Service
8116 Fayetteville Rd, Raleigh, NC
(919) 772-1430

If your primary need for a welder has to do with automobile repair or boat repair, most car dealer’s service units and boat repair shops would know of reliable persons for small welding jobs.

If it is a larger and more extensive job and these firms cannot or do not do the kind of work you need they may be able to direct you to someone who can. After all, if they help you find the service you need now, even with a competitor, there is a much greater chance they will get your future business when it is a better fit.

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